Controls: American or Japanese

I want to determine the ST players here what you all use for controls.

Happ Ultimate/Competition
Other (Pad)

If you use both, which do you mainly prefer?
I, myself have been a Happ player since day one. It feels suited for ST for me but I just recently got into the JP controls and a lot getting used to.

Seimitsu stick with Sanwa buttons. I can’t play on a bat.

Sanwa/Seimitsu and Happ competition buttons feel the same to me play-wise. I can play on both ball and bat sticks but will probably always prefer bat because it was what I grew up with.

As far as button layout, I prefer American. The japanese layout with only LP and LK slightly lowered is fine with me, but when all the buttons are on different plains like HRAPs it just bothers the hell out of me.

It doesn’t really matter.

i generally prefer sanwa stick/buttons i cant stand american parts:(
i dont knwo i guess its because i learned stick playing with ball sticks so i never learned bat stick.

I grew up playing on American parts, so that’s what I prefer.

As far as actual buttons, I prefer the concave with the horizontal switch (same idea as competitions, just the button is concave). The Ultimates themselves (which is what MAS uses for concaves) are a different design completely, and I can’t recommend them (they have the switch vertical, and pressing the button moves a lever to hit the switch. Over time, this can break, and I’ve actually seen it happen when you really don’t want it to).

On the stick, I’m good with either the Super OR a Competition. The Super works on the same leaf principle as the Ultimate buttons, but these are metal leaves on the switches themselves. This seems odd at first, but it makes sense in practice.
The Competitions use an extra piece on the bottom to hit the switches directly, but in my experience, it seems slightly tougher to get only a single direction. Of course, Happ doesn’t actually MAKE their own parts, and they’ve changed manufacturers fairly recently. The Competition’s quality kinda suffered in the changeover, but I’m not so sure about the Super.

(Note: my Super impressions come from the chinese knockoff found in the stock SFAC stick)

Layouts, again, I prefer American because that’s what I grew up on.

I’ve tried japanese parts and layout, but I didn’t like the way it all felt and the fact I could hardly play with it.

As I always say with this question, it’s a matter of personal preference.

I’ve only tried Sanwa and Seimitsu’s “flagship” sticks JLF-TP-8Y-SK and LS-32. From my experience the LS-32 is such a wonderful piece of hardware, with only one flaw - there isn’t any octagonal restrictor available. That’s the only reason why I’m using a Sanwa JLF w/ an octagonal restrictor on my HRAP 2. My HRAP 1 is using Sanwa RG’s and my HRAP 2 has standard Sanwa’s - what a huge difference… but I had to try out the standard buttons to know the difference.

Further the cabinets we had in Denmark when the arcades where still open was all Japanese, I only think the MK cabinet had American style.

I like playing on sticks in general, regardless what type they are. Now close this stupid thread, this questions been asked a million times already.