Controls are prehistoric in fighters


Motions such as the classic Quarter Circle, Half Circle and dragon punches have been around forever now. Isn’t it about time they were replaced by something easier. Considering this is the age of consoles and d-pads are pretty wank for diagonals, why do developers insist on hard arse motions.

Mortal Kombat got it spot on years ago. Why can’t a fireball in Street Fighter just be Down, Towards + P. And a dragon Punch Towards, Down + Punch. This would solve the biggest problem that plagues pad players, BLISTERS. No more rubbing your thumb back and forth, as if you was trying to wank off the controller. Hell, we could even go 1 step further and add a special move button like smash.

And since I am talking about inputs. Why do we need 6 buttons for Street Fighter still. To be nostalgic? Please. Gimme 1 Punch button and 1 Kick button, which do lots of different attacks depending on the distance between you and your opponent and the direction of the d-pad (basically more command normals)

I would also probably add a jump button in there too. This would free up the “UP” direction on the d-pad, allowing for more options as far as attacks, as well as no more jumps whilst trying to perform 360 moves.

What do changes like this result in. Fewer buttons, easier controls and no more blisters.

Let the revolution begin.


Sounds like de-evolution. Mortal Kombat is the fighting game with complete newbies / casual players as its target auditory, so you can just play Mortal Kombat I guess.
I doubt when you will become a pro player you would like to play a game where 3-years old kid will be able to out-tech you and win because of super-simple commands.


So your saying being able to do the moves makes someone a good player?


You know its about actually using that stuff right? Not just performing it.


I agree with some of what you’re saying, but I think the motions are fun. :smile:


Like swinging a Wiimote screaming “Hadouken!”…

That’s why people play on sticks…

I have an alternative option for “bad players”… it’s called “training mode”, and it’s available on pretty much every game.

CVS2 “Easy operations” was revolutionary…
That’s why they use this version in EVO and SBO I heard.

Well 3 punchs + 3 kicks… herm… 6! …right?

Just Play VF then.

YAY! and a “turn” button too! that is what made the unbelievable success of Guilty Gear Isuka!

dude… seriously!

No offense, but I REALLY need to disagree with you here… If some game devloppers read your thread (and I know a lot of 'em use SRK-like forums to get new ideas) and everyone gives you positive input, they might take your ideas seriously for the next SF version…


“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”


Yeah why improve something that is somewhat passable?

I don’t like that, sounds more complicated to me. You already have 5 directions to use, Up as jump is fairly intuitive and easier than a button (at least for me).


While my post is pretty light hearted, I hope developers will eventually recognise these sort of issues. Fighting games have lost their pick up and playness in recent years. I think this is partly due to the control schemes and inputs.

I look at other fighters like Smash, MK, SC and Tekken. And they are great just to have some fun on with people who have never played them before. You can mash a few buttons and cool stuff happens. It keeps em interested long enough for them to start figuring out what buttons do what after a while and the rest leds on from there. This button mash stage seems to be missing from most 2D fighters and I think its to their detriment rather than too their advantage. One of the first steps to getting this back would be challenging the traditional control schemes and inputs, just maybe not to the extremes I suggested.


waggle x 1 = hadoken

waggle x 2 = shoryuken

Hold B + waggle x 3 = Shinku hadoken.

waggle x 5 = Recover from stun.

revolution? lol


You didn’t bring up anything of value in your post. What is your real objection to simpler motions? Fun? Fear that the skill gap between new and old players will be lessened (not happening)? Say something at least. I’ll reply anyway though to get moar poasts.

He didn’t say that. Edit: Also :confused:


If you are trying to make a point against the suggestion, I don’t know why you’d bring up VF. I mean, it supports what r3ko says right? Its a good, technical game despite being only 3 buttons?


Good. Please explain your real objections to these ideas. I could be very wrong, you could sway me!

Also Guilty Gear has reasonably simple motions and input leniency compared to a lot of fighting games and you seem to be a fan of that. What’s the harm in going a bit further? Akatsuki Blitzkampf’s easy-as-fuck motions don’t make the game worse. VF having 3 buttons doesn’t make it any less technical. BlazBlue having a very simple control scheme (with a dedicated button for flashy shit that anyone can pull when they mash) doesn’t make it a bad game.


…is this thread for real? :confused:


hmmm… I think it’s the other way around actually.
I think PLAYERS got used to these super-easy inputs and to the games where you can’t die, due to the unlimited “save” system.

Players don’t want to train to be good anymore… they just want to pick a game up, shove it into a console, and be world champions right away!

Too bad guys! to be good at fighting games, you need to learn stuff.
That’s the wholepoint of it! otherwise, you just play rock-paper-scisors… it’s cheaper.

Yeah, so there are games designed for noobs to have fun with… why do you want SF and 2D fighting games in general to take the same route?

This is were I totally disagree with you.
You can’t pick a tennis raket, swing it randomly and win against Federer! You need to devote yourself to the thing, get interested, learn how stuff works, practice, practice and practice before you can actually play.

Nobody would be interested in tennis if anyone could do it right away, and nobody complains about Tennis strokes to be “too hard to execute”.

same goes with 2D fighting games imo.

Besides, 2D fighting games scene is very strong in Japan (most played arcade games are fighters and the gundam stuff), and thanks to SF4, it’s resurected in the US and Europe… So I am not sure if it’s really a “detriment”.


Yes, but the OP want to get rid of quarter circles, buttons, and add a jump button…

What has the guilty Gear, blazblue or even Akatsuki (I am not going to discuss the fulgurant success of this title in the arcades though) has to do with that?

All the games you have listed have more that 2 buttons, do not have a jump button, and use quarter-circle-like motions except VF… this is why I told the OP to play VF if he prefers to have a 2 buttons/no quarter circles gameplay.

My VF comment was not ironic.

That’s exaclty what I am saying… so why should the controls of 2D fighters be suddenly changed to VF-style controls?


No, but at least you can swing it and maybe hit a ball to the opposite court. Fuck sports analogies anyway.


I actually think your right about this part. Games are much easier now, and I think if Fighters are to ever achieve the kind of success a games like Halo, CS and Starcraft then they need to roll with the times.

This is were your wrong. You got to practice and “learn stuff” to get good at anything worth getting good at. Just cause you make controls and execution easier doesnt mean the game will become worthless. Think of Chess.

I want 2d Fighters to be fun for noobs and experts alike. Tekken pulls this off exceptionally well. Experts will destroy noobs, but noobs can quite happily play against eachother without feeling like they have no control and not be bored.

I’m not sure where your getting the idea of easy execution = random game. I guess you think cause you don’t have to play Chess whilst doing a handstand a noob can own an expert it without knowing anything about the game.

Yes fighters are strong in Japan, but laughable if think SF4 is gonna bring back the glory days to the US and Europe. If you can actually count the number of SF4 arcade machines in the US and Europe then theres not enough.


trying way too hard here


Examples only, do you disagree with the principle? I wouldn’t stand for a jump button, don’t want a run button but qcf is not really something I’d miss.


I don’t get what the problem with these motions is, they are easy as long as you aren’t on a 360 controller, QCFs and HCFs can be learnt and commited to muscle memory within a few hours and the DP motion is only hard to figure out when games use the method of drawing lines all over a circle to try to explain it rather then using arrows to show how it is done.

I honestly can’t believe this thread got made here of all places, it’s the kind of thing I’d usualy expect from Gamefaqs, if people can’t be arsed to learn to play a game they shouldn’t play it, just because other games have entered the age of pandering to noobs doesn’t mean everything should go the way of the wii, at least leave SOMETHING for us proper gamers.

Besides look what street fighter IV is like online thanks to the shortcuts, I bet the ken army wouldn’t be half as big as it is now if people actually had to learn the proper command for a DP.


This thread is completely flamebait. But here goes:

Sorry, but these motions have been around for so long that they’ve stuck. I don’t know about you, but when I do a 720 to do Gigas Breaker for Hugo I feel like a badass. The fact you mentioned Tekken is funny because even that game has special motions for motions. (King’s giant swing command grab is a bowl motion)

I think that this console generation needs to man up and stop playing shooters all the damn time.


Hving to practice the one player game before being able to get into the mid level strategy and mindgames is bad game design, and should be as limited as possible