Convert arcade panel to 360 stick


i dont know much about modding of sticks, but i was wondering if you got an arcade panel like an astro or vewlix panel, could you mod the wiring of them to make it work for 360?


im sure you just need the right pcbs and the know how. its no different than a hori or a madcatz stick, just buttons wired to… something… its what the something is that matters


Those control panels are just a piece of metal with buttons and joysticks in there. You can do whatever the hell you want with them.


Just hack a 360 pad and connect the wires to the controls in the panel. The hardest thing about it is figuring out where to solder on the pad, and that’s not too difficult with slagcoin’s site. After the soldering, it’s just wire A to control B. Easy peasy.


Thanks. I think itd be sweet to make a set up using a 360 and plasma on the wall and then make a panel rig, sort of like those alpha 3 and 3rd strike cabinets that had monitor and the a seperate board…if you what Im talkin abou haha :slight_smile: