Converter advice

I want to use my xbox360 TE stick on my PS4 and heard about the cronusmax plus? Does it really work or is there a better alternative.

Go with the Brook 360 to ps4 converter. Tournament legal and pretty much no lag

I second the Brooks. Better and cheaper

I googled brook adapter and they are sold out any other way to get one?

Wait until Asia recovers from Chinese New Years and you should be good.

When is Chinese new years over?

Google is your friend.

That said, It starts this year (2016) on Feb 8 and it continues on for 15 days. Although most workers take off for only 7 days (school children gets a month off for the Holiday).
Chinese new years celebration follows the lunar calendar so it’s date on the Gregorian calendar changes every year.
Next year the Celebration starts Jan 28.

That said it take a week or two before everything back to the swing of things.

Thanks now I know how long of a wait I have.