Converter boxes and toodles UPCB

  1. Would connecting a saturn pad > ps1 converter box to a total control converter cause any lag?

  2. And would connecting the converter box to a joytron xconverter cause lag?

  3. Or would it just be easier and cheaper to Use Toodles UPCB?

I searched around and it seems like they’re sold out.

my main goal is to get a saturn pad to primarily work on a dreamcast then secondarily to work on a xbox 360.

Pros- I have novice soldering skill.
Cons-I don’t any experience with using a dremel.

bare with me, i have a slight sinus headache.

  1. You’d be better off using a Saturn -> DC converter like the Innovation
  2. Two converters in a row is a bad idea.
  3. You’d be better off using a MC Cthulhu. The MC Cthulhu works well with converter boxes.

I would like to suggest a dual modded fight pad, Gun and a few others have done it, and it could be your best solution, if your really stuck on your pad, and wont move to a stick.

the fight pads are similar to the Japanese Saturn pads.

thanks Toodles and Trugoy.