Converter Compatibility Thread


acutally it won’t work, the original xbox controller requires drivers.


Good to know. Thank you. I’ll update the original post to say as much.



You win this round Microsoft.

And every other round, too.

Except for that round about you being a monopoly, and getting broken down.


so the inpin will not work with both the green and yellow pcbs on the SFAC?


Why i always get ~16 ms input lag regardless of which device i used?

I tried my keyboard, PS2 Controller connected to PC via adapter and the Logitech G5 and i always had ~16 ms input lag.


i guess you have a TFT with 60hz ? cause 1/60hz = 16ms
try it on a crt or try to disable ?vsync? <- i hope it was the vsync or some other option within your graphic driver


Awesome, thank you. I hadn’t seen this. He waited forever to receive it.

I’ve seen three or four posts saying that it did not work. It’s possible they all had the green pcb. Hopefully someone can confirm this.

Thanks. Can you double check this:

It sounds like it would lag with a Shoryuken. Can you confirm that you haven’t experienced any screwiness like that? Could you also test it with a PS2 controller, PS1 DS and an old PS1 Digital pad if you have them? There wasn’t much information on it.


Thank you, that was the case! I will post results of my adapter later.


How about a PS3 to Xbox 360 Converter…like hacking a 360 wired PCB & adding USB port to it…to allow it work with HID Controllers like the USB Saturn Pad


The game elements converter actually had a problem with a third party PSX controller(It didnt have any analog sticks on it) I had. Inputs weren’t registering correctly (up becomes start bla bla bla).

It crapped out though so i threw it away and got some sony psx pads.

Just a mention.


Yeah, the controllers without analog sticks have problems with almost all of the converters. I probably sound a little biased toward those GE, but I’ve been using two of them on my Xbox for the past 3-4 years.

I’ll go grab an original PS1 controller without the analogs tomorrow from the pawn shop for testing. I had one in storage but I couldn’t find it. My HRAP 2 SA should also (hopefully) be in. I’ll test it on the adapters I have as well.


sweet post, Kyle.


good job.


I can finally test my SFAC (yellow) again thanks to this abomination I tossed together today. :lol: My HRAP 2 SA can’t get here soon enough.


The HRAP 2 SA came in this afternoon and worked with all of my converters so I updated the OP. Unfortunately there was a problem with the PCB and it’s now (hopefully) going back to the seller. :sad: Blah! I’ll order a new one if I get another one of these.

Does anyone know if the HRAP 2 and SA use the same PCB? It sounds like a dumb question because I would assume they do.


You know TL613 had a thread like this already


I thought this would have come up sooner but I’ll gladly address it. Check the last 20 pages of that thread (I continue to post there). My name is spammed all over the place. The OP hasn’t touched it in six months and I got tired of repeatedly trying to convince people that the XFPS is a terrible product. I spent a full two days compiling everything that you see here. I’m trying to establish the converter X works with stick X.


good stuff, the other one was flooded with the same questions over and over.


Thanks. Is that Pelican stick specifically made for the PS2 or is it the Universal with Xbox/GameCube support? I have that Innovation converter and it definitely doesn’t lag.

I picked up an oldschool PS1 digital pad yesterday that I’ll test later today. It sounds like they may all hate it.


I don’t own any wireless PS2 controllers but I’ll get one if they’re cheap enough. What’s a decent one that has rumble? The Logitechs? Wal-mart carried these at one point but I’m not sure if they still sell PS2 accessories. I can check out GameStop as well after work.