Converter Compatibility Thread

sorry to sound stupid, maybe its been asked a thousand times but is there any way to make a ps3 TE2 work on 360s?

Dual Mod.

I would suggest trying out a friends PS2 controller as there are about a billion different variations of the Dualshock 2 out there and yours might just be one that isn’t as converter friendly as others.

If it is its probably for the newer dual shock 2 controllers. I bought mine brand new and had the same problem. I think this needs to be addressed for EVO cause this problem will happen to a lot of people especially if they get a converter and ps2 controller new not knowing about the banned wireless. It’s only an issue with Marvel tho. I think there is something wrong with the game or something.

whats involved in a dual mod and what is needed, i basically need someone to show me what i need and tell me how to do it lol

Any the te2 any different to mod than the te in the first thread?

Arnt the pcbs ment to be better?

whats the best ps2/ps3 to xbox 360 converter. i want to buy one but im afraid im going to buy one that sucks


Only PlayStation 2 to Xbox 360.

USB to others do not exist.
USB to USB (PlayStation 3 to Xbox 360 and reverse) are bad.

thank you sir.

I have a question about the Xtokki360 converter. Since it doesn’t use a 360 pad, is it an ethically sound replacement for the xconverter360? I try not to buy things that are not 100% legit (like the ps360 and similar pcbs) out of respect for companies’ policies; whether I disagree with them or not.

Anyways, I’m just curious. I have a namco stick here and I was trying to decide whether to dig up the Xcoverter or just get this one.

I use something that I believe is called PC Joybox 3-in-1, which has ports for Saturn, PSX, and DC controllers. Works on either PC or PS3. Tested it for lag with the instructions in the OP and it doesn’t have any.

does any one have the game elements ps2 to xbox converter that actually works well on xbox ?

I use one of these on a daily basis. It’s legit. The only issue I am aware of is that it trips out with the retail version of 3rd Strike. The emulated version is fine. I have two more of these on the way right now after giving them to my buddy who wanted an Xbox.

hum i believe i tried both games on the aniversary games and it lagged hard with a ps1 ds pcb i will try on another emulator i tought i did and it lagged as well ill try again

Hey there, I have a couple of questions about converters.

The arcade sticks I have are modded Mayflash Arcade Sticks. Will the Xtokki 360 converter will work with them?

The box says to use a Mayflash Max Shooter ( but, it sounds like I’d have to have a wired 360 controller to make that work and I’ve heard it has issues. So I was if the Max Shooter Pro is any better and if it would work.

if someone can help me on what type of blaze converter i should buy because i want to use my ps2 pad
on my 360 put i am a little confuse on which converter to buy because i found two blaze converters
one only has ps3 and 360 written on it an the other one has a green hexagon on it and i want to know if they have
any differences. I have read that it does not need a xbox360 wired controller to bypass the xbox but i want to know if both
of the converters can do that or which converter can

That’s awesome! Now excuse me while I go purchase one! heh.

has anyone tested if the InPin works with SFAC 7.5v?

The Tinybee/Xtokki360/Focalprice converter has been added to the OP. Please help me out with some compatibility reports. I’m especially curious if the PS2 Saturn pad works with it. I need to just pick one up.