Converter Compatibility Thread

Read the FAQ before posting! :bluu:

There is not a converter for using a TE on a system other than the one it was designed for.

There is no USB to anything older. No USB to PS2, Dreamcast, etc. You must mod your stick with a MC Cthulhu or a second PCB.

If you want a stick that works on both Xbox 360 and PS3 (And PS2, Dreamcast, etc.) get a PS2 stick like a HRAP or Namco. You can then use converters to adapt it to various systems.

You can not plug a random USB controller or converter into either the Xbox 360 or PS2. The Xbox 360 only works with Xbox controllers due to its security scheme. The PS2 was never designed to accept it.

The PS3 can use HID compliant (driverless) USB controllers for PS3 and PS1 games (not PS2). This makes the USB Saturn pads worth getting. Beware of bootlegs.

The PS1 Dual Shock has the best compatibility with converters. If you are building a custom stick then these are the way to go. The original, non-analog controllers have problems with most converters and are not recommended if you can avoid them.

Most custom PS1/PS2 sticks were made with Sony PCBs. When submitting a compatilibility report open your stick and see what kind of pad is inside. The Dual Shock pads have analog sticks. The original Digital pads do not.

There are three versions of the SFAC stick. Unscrew the bottom of the case to check the PCB before purchasing an adapter. Check next to the system cable for the voltage. It will read either 3.5V 7.5V or 8V. This number is indicated in the listing below whenever possible.

Please test your converter if it can be connected to a PC:

If you purchase a converter that’s USB (PS2 to PS3, etc.) and want to test it for lag (on Windows) then download this application developed by SRK member Colac. It’s straightforward to use once you get the hang of it.

PS2 to PS3/USB

Note: Sony is at it again with 3.5. The Real and HAIS are reportedly done for.

The 2.7 firmware update rendered the Sumoto and TAC adapters unusable with the PS3. This was corrected with 2.8. I’m hesitant to recommend them in light of this but they are working again.

The majority of these converters should also work on a PC without drivers (InPin, Pelican). If you only care about PC compatibility then the Super Joy Box 3 Pro was highly recommended. It does not work on the PS3.

Recommended InPin: This is the best option that’s readily available. It’s sold by exclusively by SRK member laugh. Visit his eTokki shop to order one.
Compatible with: Sony PS2, PS1 DS, MAS, HRAP Series, Namco PS1, SFAC 3.5
Incompatible with: SFAC 8V?, certain PS1 Digitals

Recommended Pelican: People claim that these are the only adapter to feature code from Sony. They have excellent compatibility with the exception of PS1 digital PCBs. They’re by far the most expensive ($50+) but can occasionally be found used at GameStop for a few dollars.
Compatible with: PS2 DS, PS1 DS, HRAP 2, SFAC 3.5, Namco PS1, Saulabi
Incompatible with: PS1 Digital, SFAC 7.5V

HVG2: These are reportedly a good converter if your stick has a analog capabilities; like a custom with a PS1 DS. It will not work with a digital PCB like most consumer sticks have (HRAP).
Compatible With: PS2 DS, PS1 DS, Hori Fighting Stick, SFAC 3.5V, 7.5V
Incompatible with: PS1 Digital, Namco PS1, HRAP Series, Tekken 5, Pelican PS2, SFAC Pad
Reviews: Riotblade

DragonPlus: There were conflicting reports on this adapter. Most of its owners reported it as lagless. Press Up+Select for Home.
Compatible with: HRAP 2/SA, Namco PS1
Incompatible with: PS1 Digital, Tekken 5 stick

Cablesforpc: This is the one to get for owners of the SFAC stick with an 8V PCB. It allows two PS2 controllers to be connected.
Compatible with: PS1 DS, SFAC 3.5V, 8V, HRAP 1
Incompatible with: SFAC 7.5V
Reviews: Annihilationscape

Sumoto: These were reported as the best adapter for Sony digital PCBs (original pads without analog sticks). A few users have claimed they’re lagless, and I haven’t seen a negative review on them yet.
Compatible with: PS2 DS, PS1 DS, PS1 Digital, Tekken 5, Pelican Universal, Pelican PS2, Ascii PS1, SFAC Pad
Incompatible with:

TAC: These were reported to work well with SFAC and HRAP series. MarkMan and others reported that it has issues so I would avoid it in favor of something else. Hold Analog for Home.
Compatible with: PS2 DS, SFAC 3.5V, HRAP 1, HRAP 2/SA
Incompatible with: PS1 Digital

Real (Incompatible with 3.5): These were once all the rage but are now discontinued. They notably do not work with PS2 DS controllers.
Compatible with: PS1 DS, HRAP 2/SA, Namco PS1, SFAC, SFAC Pad
Incompatible with: PS2 DS

Hais (Incompatible with 3.5): These reportedly work well and include a PS2 memory card reader. They have taken Sumoto’s place as a solid/budget converter. Press Analog or Up+Select for XMB. Hold Up+Select for Home.
Compatible with: PS2 DS, PS1 DS, PS1 Digital, SFAC, SFAC pad, Saturn PS2 pad, Namco PS1, Tekken 5
Incompatible with: SFAC 8V, Pelican Universal
Reviews: Canto

PS2/3 to Xbox 360

Recommended Controller Converter Pro by Blaze (?): This is an unmarked converter that is similar in appearance to the Blaze PS2-360. It notably does not require a 360 controller for passthrough. It reportedly works well with a HRAP3 and features similar compatibility to the Blaze.
Compatible with: PS2 DS, PS3 DS3, HRAP3, HRAP2, Namco T5, SFAC Pad
Incompatible with: MadCatz TE and SE, Pelican Universal

PS2 to Xbox 360

Recommended PS&PS2 to 360 converter (Xtokki****360) by Tinybee: These converters, originally sold through Focalprice, are the best available option for PS2 to 360. They do not require an Xbox 360 controller for passthrough like the others listed below. They are also the only converter to feature a headset jack. They are sold by SRK member laugh. He is the recommended supplier because of Focalprice’s questionable shipping. Analog or Select + L3 for Guide.
Compatible with: PS1 Digital, PS1 DS, PS2 DS, HRAP Series, Namco, Tekken 5, MC Cthulhu, Mayflash PS2/PS3, Tekken 4, Fighting Stick PS, ASCII Stick 3
Incompatible with:
Reviews: kaioshade, DrgnAK

The following converters require a wired 360 controller to bypass Microsoft’s security scheme. A wireless controller with a Play & Charge cable will not work. Read Ikagi-chan’s post for more information. The Blaze and Xtokki360 above feature a Microsoft security chip to bypass this requirement.

Recommended Xconverter 360 by Joytron: These were the best option until the introduction of the Xtokki360. They are now discontinued. Previously sold by SRK member laugh who brought us the InPin. Analog = Guide.
Compatible with: PS1 Digital, PS1 DS, PS2 DS, HRAP Series, Tekken 5, MAS, Namco, SFAC 3.5, SFAC Controller
Incompatible with:
Reviews: laugh, Ikagi-chan, Gamecop

Recommended BlazePro: These Hong Kong converters can be had for $10 on eBay. They are basically superseded by the PS3 to 360 converter listed above.
Compatible with: PS1 Digital, PS1 DS, PS2 DS, HRAP Series, Namco, SFAC 3.5, SFAC Controller, Saturn PS2 pad, Blaze Twin Shock
Incompatible with:
Reviews: Source thread

Max Shooter by Mayflash: These work great except for an issue with simultaneous key presses. Pressing corresponding buttons, for example: Right+Circle will cause the converter to freeze until another button is pressed.
Compatible with: PS1 Digital, PS1 DS, PS2 DS, HRAP 1, SFAC 3.5V, SFAC Pad, Saturn PS2 pad, Namco PS1
Incompatible with: HRAP 2, SFAC 8V

XFPS by XCM: There are a few revisions of this adapter but I can’t recommend it at all. It reportedly lags and/or drops input even with a real Sony PS1 or PS2 controller. The OP repeatedly trashes them earlier on in the thread. There are 10 negative posts for every positive I could find. Read this, this, this, this, this, and this before deciding to spend your money on one of these.
Compatible with: Sony PS2, PS1 DS
Incompatible with: Namco PS1, HRAP 2

Xbox 360 to PS3

Cross Battle Adapter by XCM: MarkMan confirmed that this drops inputs similar to the XFPS. People with 360 sticks should look into adding a Cthulhu PCB (Photos) for PS3 compatibility.
Compatible with:
Incompatible with:

PS2 to DC

Recommended Total Control Plus: These are usually recommended since they’re readily available. Toggle the switches on it to change the triggers.
Compatible with: Sony DS 2, HRAP, HRAP 2, SFAC, Tekken 5
Incompatible with: Some MAS sticks

Recommended Dream Connection 2 by Innovation (original URL, sold out): These as reportedly the best converters but are expensive and hard to come by. The SFAC Pad isn’t recommended because it treats L1 and R1 (the HP/HK buttons) as the same button.
Compatible with: PS2 DS, PS1 DS, PS1 Digital, SFAC 3.5V, SFAC Pad, HRAP 2/SA, Tekken 5, Pelican PS2
Incompatible with: SFAC 8V

PS2 to GameCube/Wii

Recommended Cube JoyBox Pro by Mayflash: These are the most commonly recommended converters for GC. They work with Tatsunoko vs. Capcom on Wii.
Compatible with: PS2 DS, PS1 DS, PS1 Digital, HRAP 1, HRAP 2/SA, MAS, Namco PS1, Tekken 5, SFAC 3.5V, SFAC Controller
Incompatible with:

Magic Path II by EMS: These apparently work equally as well as the Cube JoyBox. They’re also reported to work fine with Tatsunoko vs. Capcom.
Compatible with: PS2 DS, HRAP
Incompatible with:

Game Elements (eBay): This is the converter I’ve happily used for years. It works great on the GameCube/Wii as well as the Xbox. ArcadeStickMonk used it as well.
Compatible with: PS2 DS, PS1 DS, SFAC 3.5V, HRAP 2 SA, MAS
Incompatible with: PS1 Digital (works on Xbox) SFAC 8V, Tekken 5 (Works on Xbox), SFAC Controller

PS2 to Xbox

Recommended Xbox Magic Box: These are lag free and the Saturn port is awesome. It went completely nuts when I plugged in my PS1 DS stick.
Compatible with: PS2 DS, PS1 Digital, HRAP, HRAP 2 SA
Incompatible with: PS1 DS, SFAC Pad, SFAC 8V

Recommended Game Elements: These work very well. See the GameCube section above.
Compatible with: PS2 DS, PS1 DS, PS1 Digital, SFAC 3.5V, SFAC Pad, HRAP 2 SA, MAS, Tekken 5
Incompatible with: SFAC 8V, Directional issues w/3rd Strike

X-Connection by Innovation: I would think the Innovation name would guarantee this one a winner, but it reportedly doesn’t work with certain games or the HRAP 2.
Compatible with:
Incompatible with: HRAP 2

PS2 to Saturn, SNES, etc.

A company called ToToTEK makes a wide variety of PS2 to classic system adapters. There’s one for 3DO, Neo-Geo, Famicom (NES), FC2003 (?), Saturn, GameCube, SNES, PC Engine (TurboGrafx-16), and Genesis (Mega Drive). They reportedly work well from everything I’ve read.

Saturn to Xbox

Recommended Xbox Magic Box: This works great with an official Sega pad. There isn’t a Select button for Insert Coin but some Xbox emulators like FB Alpha allow it to be remapped. Only problem is that they’re hard to find.
Compatible with: Model 2 (Japanese style) Sega Saturn Pad
Incompatible with: Nights Analog Pad

Saturn to PS2

Recommended Keio Console Converters: These are a godsend for people wanting to use their Saturn pads on other systems. They can be chained to other converters for use on the Xbox 360, PS3, etc.
Compatible with: Model 2 (Japanese style) Sega Saturn Pad, HSS-0130
Incompatible with:

Xbox to USB (Not PS3)

The original Xbox uses a USB connector with a funky male end. Female Xbox to male USB adapters can be had on eBay for a few dollars. No conversion is necessary. This reportedly works fine for the SFAC stick.

Xbox 360 to USB (Not PS3)

Xbox 360 sticks/controllers work fine on Windows using Microsoft’s drivers. They’re available for both 32-bit and 64-bit.

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Here’s tl613’s original post for reference:

As shoo has requested, here is the thread that will list the best adapters/converters for the most commonly asked about and used systems. At this point in time this is by no means the definitive thread about this topic, but hopefully with the help and combined knowledge of the SRK community we can turn this into one.

If I have missed anything or made any mistakes feel free to post or PM and I will update this as soon as I can. So enough talk let’s get the ball rolling…

PS1/2 to PS3

inPin ~ $20 + Shipping
No website, send a pm to SRK member laugh
Pros : Works just as well as a Pelican (MarkMan), is not discontinued, much cheaper and easier to get
Cons : Only available in Korea of from laugh (but he is cool so don’t worry :tup:)

Pelican ~ $???
Pros : Works perfectly, backwards compatible, also with PC
Cons : Discontinured and extremely hard to find.

Real (Jaxel) ~ $15 shipped
Pros : Works as well as a Pelican with all types of PCBs
Cons : Does not work well with PS2 Dualshocks (MarkMan).

DragonPlus ~ $8.95 + Shipping
Pros : Cheap, lagless (Demonbird, Ex0dUs27)
Cons : Mixed reviews on Play-Asia, ships from China, struggles with multiple inputs (Hiroshirou)

PS1/2 to XBox

Magic Box ~ $30
Pros : No lag
Cons : Trying to find one

DreamBox (Yead Dood 120%) ~ $15 + Shipping
Pros : Works with Sony PCBs, has headset jack.
Cons : Compatibilty with other PCBs? ie. HRAPs, SFACs, T5s, etc.

X Connection (JubeiNinja69) ~ $9.99 + Shipping
Pros : Works with almost all fighting games
Cons : Doesn’t work with Capcom Fighting Evolution (which sucks anyway)

PS1/2 to XBox360

XFPS 3.0 Sniper Plus ~ $90 +Shipping
Pros : Lagless (stupid_nerd, Markman) unless PCB is digital only (Markman).
Cons : Expensive

PS1/2 to Dreamcast

Dream Connection II ~ $30
Pros : No lag
Cons : Trying to find one

Total Control Plus ~ $18.90 + Shipping
Pros : Readily available
Cons : Multiple SRKers reporting this does not work with recent MAS sticks.

PS1/2 to PC

PC Joybox 3in1 (Cheesey) - $14.90 +Shipping
Pros : Also works with Dreamcast and Saturn controllers
Cons : Some users report noticeable delay

Super Joy Box 3 Pro ~ $8.90 + Shipping
Pros : Works flawlessly with many PCBs
Cons : Does not work on PS3

PS1/2 to Older Stuff

Saturn : Tototek (Cheesey) ~ $15 + shipping
Pros : Works perfectly
Cons : Odd button mapping

NeoGeo : Tototek (Pablo_the_Mex) ~ $15 + shipping
Pros : Works with Sony PCBs
Cons : Does not work with SFAC, other PCBs may be questionable

Gamecube : Cube Joybox Pro - $7.90 + shipping
Pros : Works with Sony PCBs, works on Wii
Cons : Works well ONLY with Sony PCBs

Test Your Adapter!

colac has come up with a program that will show you how many ms it takes for the computer to respond to your controller on the PC. Multiple SRKers have tried it already, so don’t worry about a virus or spyware. Here is the direct link to download it:

Note from colac:

To accurately test your adapter/converter, you need to:

  1. Using a key on your keyboard to run through the program once and record down the input lag time from your keyboard.

  2. Plug your gamepad and stick through the adapter that you want to test into your PC. Then, use programs like (xpadder) to map a button on your gamepad or stick to the SAME key that you tested in step one. Run the program and record down the input lag again.

  3. Subtract the two results you got from previous steps. If the difference is less than 2 ms (i.e., stick input lag - keyboard input lag <= 2ms), then your adapter can be considered as lag free.

Random Notes

As of right now there is nothing that will let you use PS3 controllers of any sort on a PS1 or 2. This also pertains to anything with a USB connection.

Not all USB items are compatible even if there is a USB plug. PS3 and 360 controllers will work on a PC, but PS3 or any other controller WILL NOT work on a 360.

Keep in mind that performance of some adapters also depends on the PCB of your stick. For example, some adapters will work perfectly if you are using an official Sony PCB, but if you are using a HRAP or SFAC for instance, you may experience lag or other problems.

If there is an adapter you are interested in that is not in this list, please post here instead of making a new thread! Don’t make shoo mad! If there is enough interest in it PM me and I will add it to this post.

So… then they work PS3 as well?


That question immediately sprung to my mind when I saw that. The SFAC stick is so hit and miss (doesn’t work on InPin) that it would be nice if people could get a $5 Xbox to USB adapter and be done with it.

My problem is that my SFAC is now using a PS1 DS and 360 PCB. I may order one, hook my original PCB back up and test it.

Here’s an eBay link for an example. This guy has a ton of them for $7 with free shipping.

acutally it won’t work, the original xbox controller requires drivers.

Good to know. Thank you. I’ll update the original post to say as much.


You win this round Microsoft.

And every other round, too.

Except for that round about you being a monopoly, and getting broken down.

so the inpin will not work with both the green and yellow pcbs on the SFAC?

Why i always get ~16 ms input lag regardless of which device i used?

I tried my keyboard, PS2 Controller connected to PC via adapter and the Logitech G5 and i always had ~16 ms input lag.

i guess you have a TFT with 60hz ? cause 1/60hz = 16ms
try it on a crt or try to disable ?vsync? <- i hope it was the vsync or some other option within your graphic driver

Awesome, thank you. I hadn’t seen this. He waited forever to receive it.

I’ve seen three or four posts saying that it did not work. It’s possible they all had the green pcb. Hopefully someone can confirm this.

Thanks. Can you double check this:

It sounds like it would lag with a Shoryuken. Can you confirm that you haven’t experienced any screwiness like that? Could you also test it with a PS2 controller, PS1 DS and an old PS1 Digital pad if you have them? There wasn’t much information on it.

Thank you, that was the case! I will post results of my adapter later.

How about a PS3 to Xbox 360 Converter…like hacking a 360 wired PCB & adding USB port to it…to allow it work with HID Controllers like the USB Saturn Pad

The game elements converter actually had a problem with a third party PSX controller(It didnt have any analog sticks on it) I had. Inputs weren’t registering correctly (up becomes start bla bla bla).

It crapped out though so i threw it away and got some sony psx pads.

Just a mention.

Yeah, the controllers without analog sticks have problems with almost all of the converters. I probably sound a little biased toward those GE, but I’ve been using two of them on my Xbox for the past 3-4 years.

I’ll go grab an original PS1 controller without the analogs tomorrow from the pawn shop for testing. I had one in storage but I couldn’t find it. My HRAP 2 SA should also (hopefully) be in. I’ll test it on the adapters I have as well.

sweet post, Kyle.

good job.

I can finally test my SFAC (yellow) again thanks to this abomination I tossed together today. :lol: My HRAP 2 SA can’t get here soon enough.

The HRAP 2 SA came in this afternoon and worked with all of my converters so I updated the OP. Unfortunately there was a problem with the PCB and it’s now (hopefully) going back to the seller. :sad: Blah! I’ll order a new one if I get another one of these.

Does anyone know if the HRAP 2 and SA use the same PCB? It sounds like a dumb question because I would assume they do.

You know TL613 had a thread like this already