Converter Compatibility Thread


OK, I will contribute my 2 cents.

Sumoto PS2->PS3 adapters works on:

PSX (pure) digital PCB
PS2 Dual Shock PCB
Pelican Real Arcade Universal PCB

All lagless using Sumoto.

SmartJoy PS2->DC adapter’s been tested with:

PSX (pure) digital PCB

lagless and no problem

Innovation PS2->DC adapter’s been tested with:

PSX (pure) digital PCB

lagless and trouble free.

I have photos of these on my site. Feel free to use them here to help ID the adapters.


Thanks, I added the info on the Sumoto and Innovation. I hadn’t seen that DC converter before so I’ll see what I can dig up on it later.


this thread is a godsend, thanks OP!


FAIL because the TAC has been proven to lag.

Kyle, are the results of your front page the same tested results from Tl613’s, and you just copied and pasted + rewrote or did you test them yourself/ see the reviews of others. Because there are only a few people I would trust for testing converters and the ones on tl613’s first page are all legit and proven.


Yep, HRAP 1 is the original Hori Real Arcade.

Look at my write-up for the TAC converter. It’s not even recommended and is the last one listed because of MarkMan’s review. I have no reason to doubt that it works fine for the SFAC.

If you see something wrong, tell me and I’ll fix it… even more so if I’ve recommended something that sucks. The countless converters that people claimed lagged or dropped input are not even listed here with the exception of the prominent ones like the XFPS.

Here’s the reason this thread exists:

If I can save someone $90 from buying that godawful thing then I’ve done well.


HVG2 Adapters at Frys are 14.99 + Tax. It’s lag free and it’s a PS2 to PS3 Adapter. Just tested it today and it’s lag free. However I believe it only supports Analog PCBs.


My Radioshack PS2/USB adapter works lag free with the PSX digital pad, and works with SF4. However i did get issues with Tekken 5:DR to register the directional inputs.

My pelican adapter has the digital pad stuck at downright, but all the inputs work.



The hori real arcade ps stick is not the hori real arcade pro 1 stick. Hori Real Arcade PS stick was released during the lifetime of the PS1 while the Hori Real Arcade Pro 1 was released in July 2004 according to hori’s site.


I have TAC and it DOES NOT work with psx digital


Post in the Trading Outlet and ask to buy an InPin or Pelican. Both are selling regularly in there.

Have a link or a picture? I’ll look into these when I have some time.

I had a RadioShack adapter that didn’t work at all with the PS3. I couldn’t figure out how to classify these so we’re going to need pictures.

Thanks for the correction. I’ll plea ignorance in that case. People usually said that it worked with either their HRAP or HRAP 1. I’d need to know if there’s a difference in their PCB or hear from someone who owns both. I would imagine that they’re similar enough to have the same compatibility.

Thanks, I’ll add this.


BigEd80 and Kyle: thanks for clearing things up for me. I bought a Logic3 ps2-ps3 adapter, seems to work properly with my aforementioned psone Hori. It also works fine with my friend’s Namco Stick. I doubt peeps still use sticks that old, though. I’ll test it some more this weekend.


Thanks and added. The digital is actually the original controller that shipped with the PS1.


I’ll post a picture later today.

Edit: Found a link. HVG2 Converter


Thanks. I added it. MarkMan’s review made that simple.


I’m getting one of the Hais adaptors, so Ill be able to test it with a digital PS1 board (in my stick). We’ll see if it’s compatible or drops inputs.

I’m hoping it’s the answer, 'cause I really don’t want to have to try to find an InPin or Pelican (InPin is sold out, and the Pelicans are expensive), or wait 'til Laugh gets his new kind in.


The Sumoto adapter worked very well with the Hori Tekken 5 stick. I tested it with Alpha Anthology and had no issues at all, the button mapping was even spot on.

I’ll try it with some other controllers tomorrow.


^ Does the Sumoto come with vibration support? It does have a PS button though right?

Since the inPins are still out of stock I might go with either that or the HAIS. However the list doesn’t say if they’re compatible with a PS1 DS. Can anyone confirm they do or do not?

Also everyone who’ve tested converters for lag are you all testing for dropped inputs as well? I mean, you only have to press one button for that input test program, but during actual gameplay you’re moving the stick and pressing multiple buttons in quick succession. Might create lag.


ive just finished testing my custom psx1 pcb arcade stick with the xfps 3. for me it seems to work lag free on pc and 360. didnt have any problems with missing inputs or something.

(there realy seem to be differences with the pcbs. i have used a scph-1200 H pcb.)


I haven’t tried the Sumoto with a Dual Shock yet, just a Hori Tekken 5 stick, and it does have a PS button, as well as 4 directional buttons (?). As for dropped inputs I haven’t taken it into training mode yet, but I used it for gameplay and did special moves, combos and 3 button supers without issue for over an hour. I’ll make a little time to run it through the wringer later, but my initial impression is very good.


Perhaps I can help a bit, I have most of these adapters.

HAIS: Press Up+Select on the D-PAD to access the XMB menu. Press the DualShock’s Analog button or press and hold Up+Select to access the PS system menu. This one has a PS button on the adapter, 4 LEDs, and a memory card slot.

Yobo: Works the same as HAIS except has no PS button on the adapter, LEDs, or mem card slot.

The Ant Commandos/Rock Commandos: Press the Analog button to access the XMB menu,** press and hold** the Analog button to access the system menu. Up+Select does nothing. This one has 4 LEDs.

Hyperkin: Press the Analog button once to access the XMB menu, double-press the Analog button to access the system menu. This one has 4 LEDs. Up+Select does nothing.

Sumoto: same as Hyperkin but also has a PS button on the actual adapter along with 4 directional buttons (so you can use the menus from the adapter itself). This one has 4 LEDs. Up+Select does nothing.

Tinybee: Press the Analog button once or Press Up+Select to access the XMB menu, double-press the Analog button or Press and hold Up+Select to access the system menu. This one has 4 LEDs.

PC Type: These adapters were made for PC USB (not PS3), and have no PS button functions. You don’t have to activate these adapters like you do with all of the others above (I think that these adapters are seen by the system as a PS2 gamepad, whereas the others are seen as a PS3 gamepad). The Analog button acts as just that. The DragonPlus v1, Super Dual Box Advance (Jietron), and PIII Model 538 are all this type. As far as I can tell, any PS2-PC USB adapter will work like this.