Converter Question(s)

I want to play SF4 when it comes out on XBOX360, problem is i lack a Xbox stick. I have a perfectly good ps2 stick (it uses a ps1 controller for pcb). This leaves me two options:

  1. Use a ps2/ps1 => xbox360 converter for the joystick i already own

  2. buy an xbox360 stick

so my question is, are there any GOOD ps2/ps1 => xbox360 converters?

the only adapter for what you wanna do is the xfps 3.0 i think. well the one with the ps adapter.

You have a third option, if you’re saavy. Add an xbox 360 pcb into your stick if you have room. Read the Dual PCB threads if you’re up for it. It’s cheaper than that xfps.

Come to think of it, your question was probably answered in the Converter thread.

i lack the skills to do that… theres a converter thread?

hey dummies,