Converter questions


I’ve a few questions about using a xbox 360 controller on a ps4:

  1. Is a converter allowed in tournements?
  2. Can a converter harm the ps4?
  3. What’s the best converter for me(lag)?

User experience also is very welcome

  1. Depends on the Tournament and the converter being used. Chronus Max is banned in most tournaments.
  2. Highly unlikely.
  3. There only one choice, the Brooks converters.

  1. Depends on the tournament, each tournament runs under their own rules, check the specific tournament you’re thinking of attending
  2. In theory, no; however, there have been reports in the past where the physical size/weight of the converter has supposedly damaged the USB port(s) on PS3s, so take that as you will.
  3. Brooks has converters for all sorts of situations, and come highly recommended by many.


Thanks for info, I thought about this, but now I knew.