Converter to use Hori Fighting Commander 3 pro on XB360

I see in the converter compatibility thread that it reccomends using this

to use ps3 controllers on xb360. On the list of compatible/incompatible controllers that work with it, there is no mention of the hori fighting commander 3 pro on there. I mainly game on 360, but I really do want to pick up this controller. Does anyone here know if this controller will work with this specific converter? Ive tried searching for this answer to no avail, and the converter thread isn’t very active. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

That is the only PS3 to Xbox 360 (and vise versa) converter that is worth a shit. SERIOUSLY!
If any other Hori controller works on the adapter (I haven’t seen the Compatibility list) I say go for it as its more than likely it would work.
Hori PS3 USB controllers usually have high compatibility ratings so i am sure you have nothing to be worried about.