Converterless 360+PS3 Stick?

Years ago, Cigarbob made a stick for a friend of mine that had a DC port and a PS2 port, with the guts of both controllers inside the case. Has anyone made a stick like that, but with PS3 and 360 guts instead?

I own a 360, but it’s clear Evo will favor PS3. I’ve used pads up until now, but the 360 and PS3 pads are so godawful I have to bite the bullet. Basically I’m looking for a stick with two ports (not wireless) and no converter. And for God’s sake, 6 buttons and not 8.

its possible but u will have to find out all the grounds and signals for both pads… its kinda hard to explain

Using a VSHG, Dual PCB’s, a single USB cord Ps360 compatible stick can be made. The stock stick is already of great quality, and it has a curved 6 button layout using all sanwa parts. So this fits your needs directly. If it’s for VF even better, if not, just switch the QD’s around on the inside to get the standard square, triangle, R1/ X, O, R2 layout. Plus all the guide and such buttons that you need.
Only problem is that it has an input problem when the inputs involve 3 buttons or two buttons and a direction. So for tekken it’s not as recommended or even for SFHD/Sf4 with characters requiring these inputs. I’m gonna guess you’re probably gonna use it for SDHD at this coming evo, so unless you don’t use guys like Gief it’s not the stick you want. For that you might as well as go with a multi PCB custom. Akuma001 makes/mods them all the time. He has a pyramid of VSHG boxes at his house.

if you can get pads with common grounds (preferred), its really easy. but i dont know much about ps3 pads. 3rd party ones atleast

sabre: i think there isnt any common ground ps3 controllers out. but yeah it would be hella easy if they were both common ground lol

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Here is a five page thread on the ins and outs of multiple pcb sticks. No need for another thread.

Thanks for the input. Now I WTB.

I sent you a PM.