Converting component/composite to VGA?

So, I’m buying an Asus monitor and notice that it only has HDMI, DVI, and VGA inputs. What am I to do if I want to hook up my PS2 (or older) console?

Are there any good converters out there that will take a component, composite, or S-video signal and convert them to VGA or DVI? A few searches on Google turns up some results but I wanted to know if anyone here has something that they can verify being of good quality and minimal-to-nonexistent lag. The only thread on the matter that has something along the lines of what I’m looking for is this one, but it’s composite-only and I’d like something with component inputs if possible.

EDIT: Whoops. Lag FAQ thread recommends HD BOX PRO, which I somehow skipped over and looks exactly like what I’m looking for… So I guess my only question is if there’s anything else people would recommend over it. >_>

You want to go component to VGA ala the HD Box Pro. There are better options but they get expensive in a hurry. If 640x480 matters (arcade cabinet) get the Lenkeng LKV7600. The newer revisions of the HD Box Pro removed it.

It’s a gamble, but some ASUS monitors support sync-on-green (The VE228H does for example), so you can just simply buy a cheap component to vga cable like this one:

its under $2 anyways so i say just buy one before getting a converter box just to see if it works.

my asus monitor accepts SoG rgb or RGsB. By purchasing a blazeTV HDTV Player you can force the PS2 to output in various VGA resolutions, and by purchasing the PS2 to RGB cable from ultimarc you have a direct VGA cable from the PS2 to the monitor.

Thanks for the responses.

That cable looks like it’s VGA-to-component, not the other way around. Would that work in tandem with a female-to-female component cable or would I want to look for a cable that is basically the opposite of that?

Yes you can use female/female connectors, it is just a piece of wire and works both ways.

It’s not component though, it’s it’s RGB. Literally red, green, blue. This is not the same as component unless your monitor or TV or PS2 knows how to output in that format. Depends on how you’re using the cable though.

You could also get:

Like I said it’s just a piece of wire. Whether it is RGB or component doesn’t matter. And yes, it’s like you said, it depends on whether the device knows how to output to that format. A lot of ASUS monitors do. It’s how I hooked up my Wii to my monitor. PS2, im not too sure about.