Converting DOC to PDF

Which program do you guys use to convert DOC files to PDF files?
I don’t really trust those online ones.

I have Adobe Acrobat Pro 8, but it is messed up, and I can’t reinstall it.

Any other programs to suggest?

Thanks in advance.

I Suggest PDFCreator.

Light and just perfect. And it is FREE! Work as a printer emulator and you can even install an Firefox/IE toolbar do print Web pages in PDF. But I didn’t install this, so I cannot assure it works very well.

But for DOCs it does perfectly,and for any other type of file and software that allow you to print a document.

Cool, I will try it out when I get home.

Works like a printer device, except you print to a PDF file instead.

The methods provided already are great but I’d like to just add one more just in case:
You can try opening the document with and then use Export to PDF. Its a 100MB download but a decent program.