Converting gamepad electronics to joystick


Hiya guys, I have a broken Sidewinder Dual Strike and I was wondering if it were possible to convert it into a joystick? Ie. I make my own box and buy some parts. Does the joystick have connectors for up down left right etc? I wonder whether the dual strike part (you turn the controller’s left part and it simulates a mouse) would have to be wired up as well?


please refer to the pad hacking thread.


Then read

then skim through the essential joystick thread.

Many questions you have will be answered by looking those up.

Looking at that MS pad/joystick, you will have to mess around with potentiometers or getting expensive analog joysticks getting the dual strike to work. You would be pioneering at that point. Not sure many have tried to hack that joystick.


Thanks for your response. After browsing through the links you guys provided. I’m still not sure why I would have to alter the potentiometers? A bit of googling and someone has modified the same controler, and makes no mention of potentionmeters or analog joysticks(why is this needed?)…

To clarify I intend to not use the “mouse function” but just the dpad.


If you don’t intend to use the center analog thing, then using potentiometers is not needed. You may need to leave the assemblies around them alone and stuck to neutral, so that the directions don’t stay stuck in a direction.


Cool thank you. It should be straight forward then. I’ll get to buying myself a sanwa joystick and buttons :smiley: