Converting GIM to

Hey guys I use SEGA GenX32 to play SEGA games & have recently recorded a play of Sonic 3. I want to convert this file to a normal video file. Does anyone know of software that converts such files?
…and speaking of which can someone plz gimme links to some Sonic the Hedgehog games (1-Knuckles) Superplays?
Thanks in advance.

As far as converting goes, outside of screen capturing and TV out,
you got me :sad:

But for replays:
Requires Gens I believe, and many of these are “tool-assisted” (so it says), but I dunno if they all are.
(edit: the engine tips and details in the submitter’s notes are interesting)

They might have some on the Internet Archive, as they have superplays and such on there. I haven’t found any yet, but just posting the link in case people want to check it out:
(or just go to, the moving images section and search or browse around)

Thanks again, bro gonna check them out.