Converting .INP into AVI/MPEG

Hey guys anyone know how to convert a MAME .INP recording into AVI or MPEG? It’s cuz I recorded KoF 97 using MAME, and I want to show it on the net, so can someone help plz? Thanks :angel:

If these are from Mame .64, then there are three possible ways:

1.) Go to , and get Mame INP converter.
This will attempt to convert .64 replays to .90 format. Mame .90 (also on that page) has built in AVI recording. There’s about a 30% chance of the input converting successfully.
If it doesn’t work, try again or try on a different computer. Though I should note while I have a 30% success rate with it on this computer, I have a 0% success rate with it on one of my others.

2.) Try a screen capturing program like Camtasia. This will take a very powerful machine and some tweaking to get decent frame rates out of.

3.) TV out and in. Only applicable if you have the hardware for it, and there will be some quality loss (blurring and the footage will get interlaced).

Hmmm I still have .ZIP file of MAME32 0.90, if it’s the same as the one in that site I MIGHT be able to convert. Thanks bro.

OK I got the software, but it doesn’t use the KoF 97 ROMs I have. Know where I can ask for help on this topic?

Can’t get into too much detail on ROMs, but later Mames (90 included) no longer accept the old bios, they want the “universe bios”.