Converting old PS1 stick to 360

Hey guys I just found a real bad ass custom stick someone made for me a long time ago that was based on a PS1 board. Since its been collecting dust, I figure I might as well convert it to 360, but couldnt find too much information.

Whats the best controller to buy and mod? should I stick with the official MS brands?

Wireless would be nice, I was reading lag didnt really matter, so is that what people are doing mostly?

I know ill need to wire up the Xbox (middle) button, but I dont need a back button right?

Do I need to do anything with the analog sticks? Can I just wire my perfect 360 to the d-pad?

Old stick has a perfect 360, and convex buttons if that matters.

Best wired pad is the Madcatz or rebranded Gamestop pad. If you go wireless, the official M$ pad is your only option.

You can use the back button for your guide button. I don’t think I’ve ever used the back button.

Ignore the analogue sticks, you won’t be using them. The P360 should work fine, you just need 5v, which will work fine if using a wired pad. If you go wireless, you may have issues as you’re only getting 3v.

If you can, rip the Happ gear out and go all Sanwa :wgrin: