Converting other video formats to AVI

In the past I made a thread about cutting .avi videos, and found that Virtualdub did exactly what I wanted. But a lot of other video formats aren’t compatible with it, so I’m wondering what formats can be converted into .avi videos. Mostly hoping for .mkv, but I wouldn’t mind knowing what other formats are applicable as well.


iirc mkv is a container format. Meaning within the file there is typically an extinct video file, 1-2 audio files, and where applicable 1-2 subtitle files. Most of the MKV files that I’ve DLed use a avi for the video file so you just need to find a software to rip the video out of the mkv.

Sorry to bump this old-ass thread (especially since it has so few views from anyone else) but I got VDMod and it wouldn’t open any of the MKVs I tried. I downloaded the CCP pack of codecs and even had a few independent ones, but still nothing. So I figured I would get some MKV editors to extract the video/audio; with one of them I could create an AVI with sound, yet when I played it there was no video because it couldn’t locate the right codec (don’t I have every codec under the sun by now?!). There are some other MKV->AVI programs that sounded good, but they weren’t free and if you opted for a free trial it enforces some ungodly limit like 1-minute output videos.

Sounds like I’m out of options but I know it can’t be so. This is too simple of a task for there to be nothing to handle it.

One option is ffmpeg… but it’s console based. Maybe there’s a win32 gui frontend for it, there’re some for linux