Converting PS2 joystick to 360

I have a Tekken 5 Anniversary stick from Hori, it’s a nice stick but I really can’t use it right now. It doesn’t seem like I can pull a ton for it on ebay (certainly not what the new HRAPs and Madcatz TE pull) so I was thinking of trying to mod to for my 360, since it’s a good stick and I really can’t do much with it.

What would be involved in this? I imagine I’d just need some wire schematics (or just to open up both controllers and compare wires) and an end for a 360 controller. before I go and slice shit up I figured I’d ask. It might be fun to mod a head set jack into it also, is there anywhere to get one of those?

There any dox on this sort of thing? Also I did search. I just saw the dual modding thread too, however that’s not exactly what I’m thinking about doing. I’m looking into a very simple mod here, and wondering if it makes any sense.

I’m pretty sure the best method is still to install a MC Cthulu, Imp, and a CG 360 pcb. Pretty much a dual mod.

I’d just go with a 360 PCB.

Is everything soldered directly to the pcb? No QDs, right? Adding just a 360 pcb would be a pain.

Yeah it’s directly wired, could I solder wires from the bottom of the PS2 PCB to a 360 PCB?

Mmm, so if you’re not going to use it for PS2, then I believe you can just desolder the connections from the current pcb and throw a 360 pcb and solder the wires to it. However, you might want to make sure you’d be soldering the correct wires from each direction of the joystick to the corresponding point on the 360 pcb…

Cool, I was wondering if it might be worth it to do the dual PCB just to try to sell it on ebay when I’m done with it.