Converting Video Signals

I just picked up a new monitor, the “new evo monitor” the alienware optx aw2210. Hooked up my ps3 through HDMI, looks phenomenal and it has very low input lag (Tests I’ve seen show about 10 ms of lag, less than a frame.) Now here comes the dilemma…

This monitor only has a DVI input and 2 HDMI inputs. My ps3 is all set with HDMI,and I’d like to play my xbox 360 on it, but unfortunately I have an xbox 360 that is one of the older models, with no HDMI out. I do have a VGA cable for it, and a VGA to HDMI cable. I tried this, and the monitor does not recognize the signal, even when set to it’s native resolution.

My question is, is there any issues with using a VGA to DVI converter? It seems to be my only choice at the moment. I REALLY don’t want to have to upgrade to a newer 360 just for HDMI so any help would be appreciated.

I also figured this thread could be used for anything involving video signal converting.

Signal converting for video is a big topic.

You should be able to get a HDMI cable for the Xbox 360, it’s probably the easiest way to go.

DVI has VGA compatible pins, but I’m not familiar with the ins and outs of what will and won’t work.

DVI is the same exact cable as HDMI, but HDMI is just smaller and also carries sound. If you had no luck with the VGA-HDMI adapter, you wont get any different of a result with a VGA-DVI.

There are converter boxes, but no simple and cheap VGA to DVI adapters you just hook on. VGA is a analog signal, DVI/HDMI is digital, hard to convert.

I have an older 360 with NO HDMI OUT. HDMI is out of the question for my xbox.

Looky at what I found. This is your only hope at most…

I’m not paying $80 for that until I can find somewhere where it says there is no input lag caused from this. Fuck, I might just see if I can find a cheap arcade 360 that has HDMI.

  • That’s most likely your best option. I don’t think you’ll find any good analog to digital converters that would be significantly less than a new Xbox360.

I was just trying to help, you had made it clear above you didnt want to purchase an entire new console, so I dug that out instead. No need to get rude.

I’m sorry I’m not trying to be rude to you (it’s more toward the situation lol. Sorry if it seemed that i was rude to you, no hostilities meant), I appreciate your find. I just want to be sure of this product, and I’ve only seen 2 short reviews of it, 1 saying its great and 1 saying it’s trash. Bit of a gamble being $80 for something you don’t have a clear idea if it will work great or not… I’m on the fence about this one… Either way thanks for your help

So I’ve decided I’m gonna upgrade to a slim xb360 so that’s taken care of. However, does anyone know of a reliable way to convert component input into HDMI? I’ve seen one adapter that has my attention, the XCM HDMI XCM HDMI Blaster and was wondering if anyone had heard anything about it’s reliability or if any other products would work. I’d like to be able to play my ps2 and wii on my monitor (HDMI and DVI only).

I have the Xbox 360 VGA cable hooked up to the tv, and I was wondering how do I enable the sound?

IIRC VGA is an analog signal and HDMI is a digital signal. It’s not a simple terminal adapter. You will need a ADC PCB to accomplish this. You can have a VGA to DVI cable but it will remain an analog signal in this case DVI-A. You will need a DVI-I(analog and digital)or a DVI-D(just digital) output signal to be able to use a regular adapter to HDMI.

In short if you want to use that xbax you’ll need to buy an analog to digital converter or replace the xbax. Gluck.

We just went over an entire thread and explanation of why you cant convert analog signals to digital without causing input lag or loss of quality, OR using some type of converter box that will kill your wallet. Not much of a way for you to do so for the PS2, but for the wii, I’ve read good things about that adapter, and it does work. Quality of the signal isnt really “enhanced” just converted.

Also for X_Sword. If you TV doesnt have red/white input for VGA sound, you’ll need to get this adapter: RiteAV - 3.5mm to RCA Stereo Female Cable - 6 inch: Electronics

Radio shack sells it really cheap. Most TV’s today have a 3.5mm jack for sound when you use DVI or VGA input to your TV, so you’ll need to convert that RCA red/white cables to a 3.5mm jack to produce sound.

I don’t own an xbax but VGA is video only. There must be some Red/Wht RCA cables or audio-optic output cable for sound. If these happen to be connected as well… does your “tv” have speakers? Just say’n… you could be referring to a pc monitor as a tv if you’re asking a questions like this. Gluck.

Wow really?

Dude just sell your 360 and buy a used one that has hdmi on it from gamestop. They’re on sale for 100 bucks right now.

Problem solved.

my monitor has crazy lag and was suggested to getting a vga cable. it really didnt help, but im ordering an HD fury1 to go along with it. ill see about the other solution though

That’s the thing, who knows how old those used systems are, and what kind of conditions they were kept in. With my luck I’d end up buying a used one and have it red ring a day later.

A 10 second google search to see the VGA adapter has RCA cables would have saved your time to post that.

If your monitor also has lag, it’s probably not the system’s fault. It’s the monitor itself if everything you’ve tried still lags.

Your comment is irrelevant. IIDX advocate asked about a VGA adapter to HDMI. This reply was to him. Where in there was audio ever mentioned? It wasn’t. X_Sword asked about audio in a following post, you could save some face time for 10seconds and read correctly tryagainkthxbye. Who googles anyways when shooting from the hip anyways?

cant you just go vga->dvi?

dvi-i can take analog signals, so long as your monitor can accept dvi-i (which most monitors that use dvi has anyways based just on experience)