Convex or concave buttons?

I was wondering if I could get any advice on which are better. Is it personal preference or what?

Personal preference.

I’ll bite. Convex is more ergonomic. Once you go from concave to convex you won’t look back. Disclaimer: personal experience blah blah blah.

For slow pace games & its just preference…

For games w/ rapid button pushing, convex all the way!

Opinion =>

Convex… There’s a reason Japanese manufacturers, Sanwa and Seimitsu, don’t do concave.

Sanwa (30mm) = OSBF-30/OBSN-30 (xxxN-30 = screw-in)
Seimitsu (30mm) = PS-15; other flatter-faced Seimitsu 30mm are the PS-14-G, PS-14-G-N (screw-in), PS-14-K-N (skeleton, screw-in), and PS-14-P Pearl…

The typical Seimitsu button has a flatter convex angle than the Sanwa equivalent. Switches are also a bit less sensitive than the Sanwa’s.

My favourite buttons are flat one made by Hori a long time ago. Now I settle for Seimitsu flat snap ins. However, I prefer the response of the slight convex seimitsu screw ins.

… Most people hate the EX-SE at my casuals.

Actually, any time I’m running an American stick, I just love the feel of concave. I just like the way it feels better. Most people prefer convex, though. If you’re running anything Japanese, you’re not getting concave.

Convex IS better.

Much more ergonomic, comfortable on the fingers. and the shape helps the fingers to make consistently faster & accurate contact with the buttons. Even if the speed Vs concave is only improved by milliseconds, the advantage is still there.

Also look at the overall market. The majority of stick makers both retail and otherwise, primarily choose convex for a reason. Its not because they just “felt like it” or its a flavor of the month thing. They go with Convex because it is simply the best design for a button.

Heck, even the vast majority of gamepad buttons are convex.

One illusion with concave buttons is that the indentions are somehow supposed to be more comfortable for the fingers to “rest” in. However, they aren’t always going to land nicely in that spot, especially during a game with many quick button inputs.

Theres bound to be MANY instances where the finger hits or rubs against the hard edges on the concave portion instead. So after a tough session of marvel, the player’s fingers are going to be feel waaaaaaay more sore than they’d be with convex.

Just to clarify I also prefer convex on American. My real preference is flat like therobin (Namco and PS-14G).

Convex all the. Easier to push and to mash on.