Convex vs Concave buttons

I ordered some Happ competition push buttons on another message board and was sent the wrong buttons by mistake. I wanted the convex style, but got the concave instead. Is one type better than the other?

The guy I bought them from said I could send the buttons back and get the other style if I wanted to, I’m just trying to figure out if it’ll be worth it or not.

I’ts not easy to double tap on a convex button, which I think is its main flaw. But if you don’t double tap and like american style buttons (which is obviously the case, since you ordered your parts from Happs) then you can keep your convex buttons.

I personally can use both, it doesn’t seem to effect me all that much. I learned to play on concave buttons, because thats what all the machines around me used. I kind of like them, I have a modded red octane happ stick with them, and its one of my favorite sticks.

The main thing is that concave buttons aren’t flat, so unless you’re 100% used to them, they will be annoying for your fingers. This is especially true when you just react to something and press a button (like tech throw, pressing jab, etc). Lots of times you’ll press the edge of the button instead of the center. While you probably won’t have any problems with this, it can eventually make your fingertips tired. Especially if you’re placing in the arcade and one of the buttons is shoddy.

I vote convex because a) they are flat, meaning anywhere you press feels natural, b) they are much more comfortable when mashing (more of a marvel thing), but also good for supers in cvs2/st etc, and c) they have a more even feel when you press them. I don’t know why they feel more even to press, but the spring feel is really strange with concave buttons.

I think you meant to say concave buttons. I think they’re the same in term of how they function but I’d go with convex all the way if I hvae to use american buttons. Concave is just gross.

Thanks for the replies, I am going to ship the buttons back and go with the convex style.

Yeah, convex buttons were made specifically for the more demanding responses needed from newer fighting games. Not having those rounded edges helps a lot for split second button tapping during kara throws and roll cancels and what not.

Concave buttons suck.

also, roll cancelling is awkward with concave buttons

i have concave buttons on my only working joystick and they’re shit.

to me, for games like SFA2/3 and 3S, i prefer concave, or most of all, japanese layout

for mvc2, ggxx, i prefer convex all the way…

it’s mainly beacuse of double tapping that really doesn’t exist in mvc2 and ggxx as much…