Convince me to buy Super Street Fighter 4

Seriously, I mean it. I hated Street Fighter 4, and my favorite Sfs are ST, SF2HF, Alpha 2 and 3, and SF3. I couldn’t tolerate SF4 vanilla at all. Command throws had too much proirity, the shortcuts were stupid, I never used them. And it just feels like the only way you can win is to use gimmicks and tricks to beat someone else’s gimmicks and tricks. SSF4 looks better than vanilla in that this is mostly no longer the case, with better damage scaling, more characters, system changes, etc. But I still don’t like SF4 in general just because it’s popular for being…Street Fighter. Yeah, I know it sounds stupid, but try to understand. I’ve been playing Guilty Gear, Melty Blood, Blazblue, and King of Fighters more lately, because the SF4 series has made me lose some respect for Capcom. But, the community I am a part of is mostly SSF4, and not many people want to try Melty Blood, Blazblue, Guilty Gear, or in general anything that isn’t Street Fighter/Capcom. So, riddle me this: Why the hell should I buy and learn Super Street Fighter 4 and join the rest of those who have conformed to this silly notion that only Capcom fighting games are the only ones worth playing!?

just give me your money since your not gonna buy ssf4 cause trust me if you hated sf4 you will hate ssf4 cause its mostly the same game.

and im broke so its a win win

i get some money and you just donated to the help a broke ass nigga like me fund.
its charity.

no true i hated sf4 and i actually enjoy super

Why exactly are we supposed to convince you to buy this game? You have a lot of hate for it, so don’t freaking buy it, make your own goddamned decisions once in a while.

And another thing, why are you saying “conformed”? You know, there are some of us out there that…surprise, ACTUALLY LIKE THE GAME! What a shocker! I know!

I highly doubt you’re gonna like SSF4 if you didn’t like SF4 since everything is the same except for new characters and balance changes. Stick to what you actually enjoy playing.

You shouldnt. Keep playing those other fighters that you like. Not much of a riddle dude. You stupid or something?

I do make my own decisions actually, and I have recently started to respect SSF4 at least for what it is. I just want to be able to like the game with those who do, which is a lot of people compared to the games I play. I’m not leaving the other games, I just want to try to add SSF4 into the list. I should have asked why do people like SSF4 and would I enjoy it. Sounds a whole lot better. Also, sorry about the conformity thing. I just don’t like how other fighting games that are not mainstream/popular as SF in general but are great are not acknowledged.

with it faults, SSFIV has managed to revive the genre. That is a lot.

overall, it is very well balanced, and in order to win (at higher play levels) you need both skill and inteligence.

also, it has almost all the iconic characters of SF universe. Simply, although you can like other iterations more than this one, if you are a SF fan, i can not understand you still dont have the game.

They aren’t acknowledged, because they aren’t mainstream/popular, that’s a given. You just want to play a game…that you don’t want to play. You said you didn’t like SF4, so there’s no reason you would like this game, you don’t have to play it man. Just because it has the biggest scene, doesn’t mean you need to buy it. Just keep playing games you enjoy.