Convince me to play SNK fighters please?

I have tried and tried and tried to like SNK fighters. And I can’t do it. Is there a certain way to play them? Recommend me the best ones maybe? Give me an idea on how to play?

The only one I’v found to enjoy as much as various SF titles is Ninja Master’s.

go watch DandyJ’s tutorials on youtube. That’ll give you an idea of how the mechanics and “flow” of the game works.

Check the KOF section of the forums for links and discussions and whatnot

Well modern SNK fighters (mainly KOF) are definitely played differently than SF.

Sure there are some tactics from SF that are applicable but overall KOF/SNK are more rushdown, jump games, extremely agile/mobile oriented.

I would reccomend watch a bunch of VS matches on youtube, but first try to get a basic understanding by watching some tutorial videos posted in the KOF strategy section on the main forum index page.

Also, the official strategy guide for KOF XII is very helpful for new players and veterans alike. One of the writers is a member here.

And if you have Xbox 360, get NGBC HD remix coming out soon for Live Arcade, that game plays more similarly to SF than other modern SNK fighters.

But it will also help you transition to KOF.

It’s being discussed here :

to the bottom post. Garou, KOF98/UM/2K2/UM and the Samurai Showdown Series are all great games.


Any other SNK fighters besides NGBC I should give a whirl/second chance?

The Last Blade Series

I’ll list some you should check out:

Garou MOTW

How am I supposed to convince you to play them? You’ve played other fighting games, right? They probably weren’t super fun the first time you played them and didn’t know what you were doing either.

breakers revenge
fighters history dynamite (karnovs revenge)

My avatar explains why you should play KoF 2001.

SNK fighters are pretty cool. They feel different apart from some of Capcom’s fighters.

Fatal Fury Special is more or less like SF2… but better :stuck_out_tongue:

Now that you mention it, I think they should release Real Bout Special on XBLA, as well as Last Blade 2 and Samurai Shodown V Special.

Dark Geese

Waku Waku 7 is good for a laugh. I don’t mean that in a bad way.


In communist China, game convinces YOU.

Play WindJammers. That is all.

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And depends, GGPO/2df most popular SNK games are

KoF 98/2002
SS IV/V Special
Last Blade 2 [Dunno if It’s on GGPO as well]

All of them are good