Convinced that cammy is low tier



Like who doesn’t give cammy problems. Always got to play around every player

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UMvC3 OTT now with more P4A

Be more specific, we are here to help : ).

Please don’t make this a tier list thread. This guy just wants help with some Cammy issues, if you aren’t here to help him then don’t post.


Dis gon be gud


I think we need to summarize and repost everything for 2012 ae. Is very frustrating to look through 20 pages of old data.

With mu’s I’m having problems with

Juri- I try aa her and her dive kicks always beat me. Her spinning kick idk if is punishable but they spam them. Her moves somewhats avoid pokes. Then everyone when they fight me they charge focus. Her projectils is somewhat unavoidable.

Zangief- is a hit and run and baiting game. If u mess up u get grabbed which takes damage equivalent to a combo.

Djay- he just shoot his projectils and waits to aa. There no way u can get in unless u bait his aa and then hopefully u can stay in after that.

Ryu & ken - they can see a spinning knuckle from a mile away and when u jump they can also see that coming to. Theyre uppercut beats all parts of her block strings. Sure u can cut ur block strings short but u don’t know when they gonna shoryukennn.

Her mu’s are annoying and I feel that is a waiting game for all and she has to play around her opponents to win. It’s very frustrating that sometimes I does want to throw my te stick at my LCD screen.

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Want to add that I’m training very hard to play in a tournament for 10000 and I don’t wanna get thrash like I did last time. I want to represent cammy to the fullest. I need all the help I can get sigh…:frowning:

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Juri pinwheels that aren’t :lk: (esp EX) have 80 years of recovery when blocked. If they’re just spamming them as you say, just block and punish. You can EX Spiral Arrow/U1 most of her fireballs, like anyone else. If it’s the diagonal up version ( :hk: ), then it’ s a cue to stop jumping.

Her divekick sucks compared to yours. Sure it’s a breaker but it’s less safe if blocked and not spaced correctly. If she catches you when you attempt to AA, that means you’re too far/telegraph yourself too much.

“When in doubt, block” seems sound advice for many of the probs listed. Spin knuckle is not a move to be thrown out liberally… then again, neither are most of Cammy’s other moves.


Cammy only seems low tier because she’s got a steep learning curve. But at high level play, she’s one of the best in the game.


Ok I’ll try that. And I’ve watched quanab w.e played daigo at evo n it was simple moves like a standing mk. I guess is Iearning exactly when to use them is key.

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You don’t know when Ryu & Ken are gonna DP your blockstrings, that’s why you space them out so when they do it, you’ll block and punish.

Gief is easy. He can’t get to you if you’re throwing out normals and keeping him outside of SPD range. Cannon Spike when he jumps.

You can focus absorb projectiles and go under them with EX drill or U1. EX dive kick can be done from any jump at any height. Light drill is safe from a distance, etc. When you apply her tools to the situation instead of using the situation to evaluate her tools, she becomes a beast.


Dee-Jay will have a hard time AA’ing you if he’s thrown his fireball. He can’t have charge to do one after the other. Walk forward and block. Focus his fireball. Use j. hk. When you knock him down start using cr. strings into tick throws and EX CS. Safe jump his upkicks.


One thing I always notice about people who r trying 2 learn Cammy is that they don’t have patience they always wanna be autopiloting, I used 2 do it as well. This can work sometimes but I feel that Cammy is character that requires patience at times. I think this is where ur going wrong. Don’t be afraid keep moving bk and forth 2 just assess what ur opponent is doing and look for openings


I only started playing fighting games in January, but I tend to pick up competitive games rather quickly ( I come from a Starcraft / Fps competitive background ) and during my first week playing, I stumbled across the magic of series featuring alioune and I was instantly addicted to that unstoppable rushdown that cammy brings. It was incredibly difficult to find the information scattered throughout these fourms on how to play the character so much of my learning was from grinding it out. With cammy, the only way to master her is to simply grind out training mode to learn her difficult links and then attack the online ladders or the local scene if you have one. With that being said, I’ve been taking the game a lot more serious and spent about a full week combing through all the sub cammy threads and compiling all the information thats still useful in the current version of the game including aliounes combos, setups, unblockables, matchup information etc. I wouldn’t be nearly as good with cammy or at the game in general if not for the amazing cammy community, so I wouldn’t mind making some kind of cammy compendium thread where we kind of put it all together so we can get better as a community if thats what people want :smiley:


Nahhhhhh than people would know our tech without having to look or work for it. Haha


haha ; )


Heck, I still fall into this trap when every now and then whenever I come back to her.


Imo the only character that gives Cammy pain is Gen because he is unpredicatble to most people that don’t play againt him often. I rarely see Gen online.


Cammy is fucking braindead.

Get a knockdown. Might take some time, but it usually happens easily.
Jump and divekick. Now you’re in close range. If it hit, combo to HK drill. If it didn’t, then block.

Rinse and fucking repeat until your opponent does anything.

Once in a while, crossup with or empty jump to keep them guessing.

If you’re opposing Cammy: Don’t play the game. Don’t press buttons. Don’t mash DP. Don’t SRK on wakeup. Don’t tech. Don’t jump.

Don’t, don’t, don’t.

Cammy doesn’t have difficult links, contrary to popular belief. Unless, you want to style on people. Her very basic combos are 2 frame links at worst. You don’t need super fancy Sako or Alioune combos to devastate people with Cammy. C.hp -> is what you’ll be using most and does beefy damage even compared to the combos that have one or two 1frame links.


good example of pelican-Cammy :coffee:


James Chen Syndrome, you’ll get over it and learn she’s really good… maybe.


…j.MK doesn’t crossup.