Cool arcades/import video game stores/fun stuff to do in SF, CA?

I could use some help. I’m travelling to San Francisco, Sacramento, San Jose this week and I’m trying to find some cool arcades, import video game stores, anime shops, or other cool stuff to see in those areas. Any suggestions? My window is usually from about 5-8 PM since it’s a business trip. Thanks in advance!

Sunnyvale/Milpitas Golfland: Arcade
San Jose Kinokuniya Book Store: Manga
San Francisco: Opera House, Tower, Museum, Random fun places to go
Best Buy: Always at Frys

Thanks for the help! I’ll check some of those out!!

SF has the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not by Fisherman’s Wharf. Growing up there, I never bothered going, but it’s fun as a tourist now whenever I go back to visit. Afterward you can go to Fisherman’s Wharf and get clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl, one of the specialties San Francisco is known for. The San Francisco Zoo is cool too.

true dat. fry’s is too godlike.