Cool AV Request q=^) (Everyting provided)

Hey everyone

Basically I’d like an Avatar that goes like this:

Ryu gives R.Mika a hcf+K, she falls over and rubs her ass (Just like her qcb+K) and turns her head and smiles. Ryu dash’s over towards her and gives his Arm Raised winning taunt, then my nick (Mike OWNED) should appear.

Could someone please do this for me? I’ve requested it from quite a few people but no one is willing to finish it for me. Many thanks!

Ryu’s kick and dash, and R.Mika’s Butt attack can be found at :

Ryu’s win pose is on this 3S Sprite website that I can’t think of atm :frowning: I’ll edit this post soonish.


Surely someone could do this for me? :frowning:

XD dude i made this one for you already. i forgot to give it to you cause you never reminded me

i’ll post it in a bit

Dude you ain’t been online for AGES!

Thanks man

hmm… that version isnt so great… i’ll work on a better one…

  • Been busy and out of town for a few days but will ignore pm know :slight_smile: *