COOL CARTOON PILOTS for series that never got made

I’m sure everybody knows about [media=youtube]r_t605Th-QI"]Korgoth and recently [URL=“”[/media] has been brought to my attention.

Anybody know of any other cool pilots and have a link to it?

i thought this was alright

holy shit…adventure time :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

i was dieing at the damn unicorn sounding like a chicken getting its head chopped off madd slow or sumtin.


that is one of my favs. One of the coolest shows ever to bad it didn’t get picked up :shake:

Aw man, that should have totally gotten made. It looks beautiful and it’s pretty damn funny. When will they learn?

Yeah, I was so hoping that Screw-on Head was going to get big. Good stuff for Steampunk heads. :tup:

they didnt keep going with Screw-on Head so they could film more episodes of Dat Stargate!

seriously, no more Stargate, its irritating and I dont even watch it