cool combo?

vs crouching opp

fwd+rh, ex shoryu , sa3 .

the ex shoryu links its not a cancel.

dont know if the sa1 links but pretty sure it would. Burn your meter and plz the crowd all at the same time?

theres no range for the fwd+rh you can be right up on them and you will still be able to link the ex shoryu.


c.mkxxshippu ftw

fwd+ RH= shit. I hate that damn attack.

Using the same super cancel…

…I perfer cl. FP> FP shoryken xx shippu.

mp, hp, qcf+hp xx sa3 ftw

j.HK -> sc. hp x mp SRK xx SA3 = Most Damage SA combo

On crouching Elena. xx EX Tatsu -> Shippu

Doesn’t that one whiff due to knockback?

No. It lands. I’ve done it before. I perfer the :hp: SRK xx if only for the cool firey stuff.

On most characters the srk does whiff unless the j.HK hits in a specific way.

I wonder if f+HK leaves you close enough for jab srk, kara srk. That could actually be worth something.

Yeah, sorry, I should’ve added the disclaimer that it’s not always gonna land. For reliability, stick with xx Shippu or sc.fp xx Shippu.

Actually, x mp srk xx Shippu is cool, but I can’t do a DP motion starting from down… 9/10 times I get a fireball xx Shippu. Any suggestions/tips?

Try returning the stick to neutral before doing the srk motion. Dunno any other tips but that may help.

And the combo I suggested above doesn’t work. I thought jab srk had 2 frames of startup, same as shippu (which links), but the srk doesn’t link.

Just buffer it.

:r: :d: + :mk: :df: + :mp: :d: :df: :r: + :lk: / :mk: / :hk:

Hm, thanks for the advice. I’ll have to try that out next time I play… never thought about buffering it like that before.

:uf: :hp:, :d: :mk:, :dp: :mp:, :qcf: :qcf: :k:

High damage into super. Works on everybody.

Indeed :tup:

close s.MP, s.HP xx SA3 does more damage and it’s easier to do. Fireballs are great for scaling down the damage of any combo.

close s.MP, s.HP xx whatever
c.LK(2x) xx whatever
c.MK xx whatever

Seriosuly, those are pretty much all the combos you need to know with Ken. Everything else is just for showoff.

I do target combo straight into SA3 too. The fireball one does less damage.

The only thing I would add to that list is :hp:, :dp: + :mp:, SA3 for punishment situations and the combo I listed above for when they’re stunned.

:d: + :mp:, SA3 also does more damage that the :mk: and is easier to hit confirm, especially if the opponent is crouching too. It has better priority, but is only useful close up.

I gave up on the neutral far :mp:, SA3 that you see in Japanese vids. It’s hard as hell to confirm :frowning:

c.MK is more efficient during foot games because of its better range.
But yeah, I agree with you. If I’m within c.MP range I’ll definitely use it instead of c.MK.

What the hell is that? :confused: Are we playing the same game?

Edit: Ohh, I get you. Didn’t explain that very well did you?

Hi guys, I just want to know if this combo is good in a game. c.Mk,tatsu,shippu. I know we can do it on Ken and Gill (I don’t know if I can do it on anybody else) this move do 51 of damage on ken (x-box) who’s not so bad for the style and the damage (not the best one for the damage).

what! you guys forgot this

(i can only get this to work at full screen)

ex hadou xx sa3->w/e you want

if you time it right the opponent will pop up after the alst hit of the sa3 leaving you plenty of room to do a few more hits. someone more creative may be able to have fun with this one.