Cool CVS 2 stuff

Okay so this thread is basically just to talk about cool stuff I (or others if people want to contribute) find in cvs 2, and alot of this stuff may be old, but I like cvs 2 alot, and I want to get more people playing. Plus no one wants to talk to me about cvs 2 around where I live, so you guys are the next best thing.

So any way lets just get into it.


This move is the best meaty ever! well not really but I think it’s pretty awesome. The official guide book lists it as being -6 on hit. Which is an awful lot, but there is an easy way to get around this, because the move hits for so long it makes an amazing meaty. Knock someone down stand over and b+rh a little after the getup animation starts, watch in awe have how meaty this thing hits, when I tried it, it beat out most dps clean, the one thing that stopped it in its tracks was a RH flash kick!

So what do you do after this hits meaty? why link a short slide into super, so if your keeping track, short slide has 3 frames of startup, the B+rh used to leave you at -6 but becasue it’s meaty, and the short slide easily links, it’s at least +4 probably more because the short slide is pretty easy so I’m guessing +5. For the non math whizzes out there, thats a difference of 11!!! between the no meaty and meaty versions. And if someone thinks they are gonna be fresh with say sagat, and try and wakeup dp your meaty, they get beat out, and counter hit allowing you to easily link a medium slide into super or even a rh slide! Of course RC’s own this as do wakeup supers, but still I think this is pretty fucking cool. But maybe it’s just me.

One more cool thing before I go that I posted in the hibiki forums but no one really said anything about. (oh props to kcxj btw since something he said about an Otaku match made me think of this)

Hibik anti-crossup trick.**

if someon jumps at you going for a cross-up here’s a fun little trick you can do instead of normal anti-airs. first wait till there almost on top of you and dodge (KKK) now press foward and RH. because they crossed you up, forward is now her back hop move, but she will hop backwards over them and then you get free jumping rh into your combo of choice. Depending on the spacing you may or may not recross them up. This works best if your opponent goes for some sort of crouching block string after the cross-up.

Note: You must hold the dodge for a second before going for the hop as it is not invincible.

Oh and if no one likes this I’ll delete it or let it fall into disuse, or if a mod things there is no need go ahead and delete it, I just like finding cool stuff to do in this game.

Comments welcome, new additions greatly appreciated!

Not to be rude or anything, but don’t think this is likely unless those dp’s have no invicibility.

As far as Hibiki’s anti-crossup trick it’s basically the same inputs required for her CC resets. I like this tough because you dodge and they fly through you and (normally, depends on what you’re fighting) they go low d.LK/d.MK.
So you hop over them in turn and land an ambiguous crossup of your own.
It’s like almost all of her “tricks” revolve around either dodge or qcb+P.
Would you mind though if I asked you to drop that in the wiki section?
Or should I?

you can go ahead and do it.

The Dp thing does work, I tested it against Ken, Ryu, Sagat, Akuma, Guile. I got reversal messages while trying to do their fierce dps and As long as I didn’t muff the command when I tried to do it (I made sure to try multiple times) it stuffs the Dps clean, but looses to guiles rh flash kick.

I’m just saying that unless Dhalsim’s b+HK has some sort of SNK style auto-guard built into it ala Maxima I doubt that because so far as Meaties go I’d like to bring in Kyo’s close s.MP as perhaps the best meaty (some people claim d.MP over this but whatever. It hits high so that’s why it’s better)

Kyo’s close s.MP
There’s no hit/block adv. Just 0.

With 12 active hitting frames you can do this move also, and yet you can dp it everytime.

In training mode pick Ryu (dp master himself) and CPU Kyo
Record Kyo walking up to you and kickthrowing, then walking up close and s.MP just slightly before Ryu wakes up (you have a lot of leeway on this move) set it to play to test your dp reversal skills.

Having been hit out of it in such instances myself.
The only sort of move that can hit meaty and be safe is a free jump in, and those are really only free to begin with because you set them up (thx people for explaining this to me to begin with)

Now in your example, Sim’s b+HK, that’s his meaty knee attack right? The only way I could see this move “beat” DP’s clean and loose to Guile’s flashkick would have something to do with hitboxes if you care to elaborate on that.

Nothing beats DP’s until *at least *their invinc. wears off
(supers have that superflash to interrupt commands but whatever)
And normal meaty attacks in general loose to dp’s because of this. If you did Chunner’s df+HK though due to hitboxes and whatnot you might beat out some dp’s because their hitboxes may miss but then again that’s not a meaty attack.

It’s not that I don’t believe you, I’ll test it later after work to be sure myself but I am fairly certain this wouldn’t work besides. Unless you have intimate knowledge about how this beats them rather than it simply does.

edit:That doesn’t mean though it doesn’t sound like no less like a good tactic. Meaties are always good. You just gotta do some brainwashing before hand 'tis all.

I don’t know why it beats it but it does, it may be that the b+rh has som disconnected hit box. But I don’t know. You can try, maybe I wasn’t actually doing dps, it is possible. Go here watch the video watch the very end there is a short clip of blanka vs. sagat. Blanka d+hp meaties sagat out of his DP.

Here’s a stupid gimmick…

If you’re in A going vs. K, have the K player JD high with a non special attack, preferably a jump in, activate as soon as you land, you get a free low hit, which means free CC.

What happens is when they JD they freeze for a split second, when you activate, it freezes them even longer in a high stance, which means they can’t block low because you get a first hit advantage from the activation freeze.

Here’s a simple example…

A Vega vs. K Raiden…
Have Vega jump in RH, activate xx low short.
Have K Raiden JD the RH, then try to block the activate xx low short, he can’t.

Couple of things to keep in mind:

  1. Activation xx low short has to be immediate so as soon as you activate, mash on low short
    2)The jump in has to be kind of deep.
    It works with every character vs K - anyone, they just have to JD high.
    Yes, I have done this on actual people before.

Its kind of hard to get it in training mode, but try your best.

I can’t access the link for some reason.

Do you refer to how the tip or whatever of hitboxes are sometimes messed up like Kyo’s d.MP/far s.HK or Chun’s s.MP and thus they can use those pokes say against RC electricity and beat it at range once RC wears off?

Even so the tip of Blanka’s d+HP isn’t invincible, and he may have tagged Sagat’s whichever portion of his Dp that wasn’t invincible, at that moment. But you said it was meaty so…
Meaty attacks narrow the window of opportunity for the receiver to properly execute his reversals on wakeup. Naturally if they time their reversals the way they normally would without the meaty attack they’d likely fuckup and perhaps a normal would come out and with the meaty out their it counterhits their “mashed” normal.

sigh I don’t know. I’ll test it myself to be sure if anything else it this sounds interesting enough.

On a side note,
Dp’s have varying degrees of invin. in a similar way to how most each characters’ rolls are different. Like 4 frames whole body invinc, then only 4 frames upper/lower body invinc. (don’t know which typically. Think it’s upper so fist connects, but read a lot that it’s usually lower hence the reason you’d want to dp as late as possible to get the most out of it.) Ryo for ex. has IIRC 8 frames total body invinc., but lots of people think his dp sucks or think it’s just got high priority because they’re not used to using compared to say Ryu’s.

Characters like K Dhalsim could get away with B+HK / B+HP though as late as possible (for Just Defense) in wakeup situations like these, but those are called option selects. I suppose B+HK is itself an option select but myself I’m unfamiliar which action has priority over the other, the attack or the block. To be safe I usually just write it off as attack does.

I knew that about the DPs. Sadly you couldn’t option select or whatever with the back rh, because you have to do it pretty early to get it to work as a meaty.

Nick t. That trick is pretty cool I didn’t know about that aspect of the freeze.:rofl:

And yet another reason Parry > Just Defend. It just goes on!

KabukiMono: that’s a nice video, but it has flaws unfortunately, which leaves the entire video as a whole supect.

Ok, so we know that because of hitboxes, certain attacks can be placed in a way to hit things most people think they wouldn’t. To find out which ones, we can go and test them. Right?

This video attempts to do so, and does a pretty decent job for the most part. But it runs into the problem everyone runs into when trying to test this meaty-vs-wakeup stuff. You can accidentally get the wrong wakeup special, and not know it.

Examples from the vid:
Here, here, and here.

As you can see, they’re doing reversal fireballs. It’s not exactly surprising that they were beaten (another note is that Alex’s stomp isn’t meaty either, as are a lot of other moves in the vid, but that’s just a little detail I guess).

Because of this, the whole vid is suspect, and requires closer examination if you really want to know if the meaty beats the move you THOUGHT they were trying.

Unfortunately, (because of their capture framerate? I dunno) you can’t frame-by-frame a lot of the setups. They go from down, to getting hit, and you can’t see the wakeup. This is especially true when they wake up with their back to the opponent, I don’t know why. Most “good” wakeups at least have some invincibility so you could at least SEE them before they get beaten. meh.

As for the Sagat vs Blanka c.fierce, I can’t tell if he is in-fact doing an uppercut. Here is a pic of the 2 frames in the vid that show it. First of all, is that a meaty c.fierce? But more importantly, is that the first frame of Sagat’s uppercut? I thought it was supposed to be the same as his FB startup? I dunno… In any case, it has that back-to-the-opponent thing I described earlier too.

So, it’s a pretty cool vid, even though it shows meaties beating crap like oro uppercut, duds uppercut, and yun upkick… It’s good for those that don’t know about it. It’s just too bad that it’s misleading at the same time.

good points. I knew about a few of those instances in the bust karate dojo vid. Yeah I don’t know, I suppose they could have muffed the sagat thing too. I guess just try for yourself. And post what you find.

Now back to cool stuff!

Nick T. You are god. thank you for that tip. now i can really fuck up K-Mode scrubs!

Keep in mind the activation xx low hit has to be IMMEDIATE, otherwise you lose the priority window.


Just tested something, it works with low hitting supers.

I did Sagat:

All jump ins have to be deep. They JD high, free tiger raid
You can use far jab, far short, and probably stand strong anything bufferable so that you can cancel during the JD stun window which will give you the extra freeze to keep them standing high.
They JD high, you get a free tiger raid.

With A groove I forgot to mention something, the high attack has to have 0 or + frame advantage. IIRC jump ins have no recovery once they touch, so thats y it works.

If you watch one of Kim’s uploaded vids, the OTK and Kindevu one. The same setup happens where Sakura Divekicks OTK JD’s into super with Rock. The reason why it worked for OTK was because the divekick got JDed then had to recover because it was a special. Thats why I said in my original post, non special attacks, because of the recovery.

I was under the impression that you could do that with any low attack. As in, if your very deep jump-in gets JD’d high and you immediately follow up with low short, they can’t block low for a certain period of time. They have to JD low or they will get hit.

how many people know that charge characters maintain their charge while Just Defending? Like you can charge for 2 secs with blanka then JD a whole super fireball or lots of low shorts, then when you are done JDing just hit f b f punch and super will come out still. Old fact but just seeing if everyone knew it. IIRC this also works with parrying but I am not 100% certain of it.

As a K player, I thought that was common knowledge. Guess it wasn’t?

It works, as far as I know, with any low hitting attack since we are locked into a high JD. So if sagat jumps in, and I JD his hit, he gets a free qcb qcb super. Again, I always knew it was theory, but I’ve only seen one person actually put it to use against me.

So I would think jump in, JD, low short would have the same effect, but I never actually tested it.

As well, I was under the impression that a low JD after a high JD would negate part of the “free hit” window? Again, not tested, I will have to test when I get a chance.


So do a deep attack, they JD and you have to immediately follow up with a low attack that has 0 or + advantage in frames. I see it as basically - if you see them JD. you activate and you use that “unblockable” CC set up. If you see them block high(which you will) follow up with a move that is 2,3,4 frame start up low… Ok i get it now, right?

no no…

The jump in I think has no recovery as long it hits deep(mid or low part of the body) according to its frame advantage as well.

The 0 or + frame advantage part was for standing ground attacks, like a quick jab or something. It works but the timing is more strict than jump ins.


Majestros is right.
The attack has to hit mid or low for it to be deep enough in order to follow up with low short.
Although, I find that it varies with different attacks.
Like, I can get it more consistent if I do Sakura jump forward into low shorts, rather than jump RH.

Wait so,… I hit them deep with a jump in activate immediately, then follow by ANY low move? or a fast one to be more safe?

Just do low short because its easier and faster. You want to hit them during the “freeze window”.