Cool game trailers or fan made anime/game/movie music videos

Sometimes, it feels like the trailer or music video is better than the game/anime/movie itself so I’m posting this here in hopes of finding more. I love smoking to these and sparking nostalgic moments.

I have the Evo2k trailer, Devil May Cry 3 official trailer, Metal Gear Solid 3 teaser trailer, Digital Devil Saga trailer, and fan made stuff such as the Eternal Darkness “Madness Camp” music video from some guy named Tru Doggie, Natural Evolution and Garou the Last Prophecy from this website and various rpg trailers.

Its been several years since I got technical with the web and I forgot how to link and such and what internet site I could use and whatever. Would be nice if someone can teach me how.

Btw, 2 users use this account, I’m the atheist brother >.>; I tried signing up with another username but the website won’t let me.