Cool iTunes Apps


Alright, I just got another iPhone (my previous was stolen over a year ago, damn ghetto)
This thread is just to showcase apps you found that you think are cool.

Facebook - free - wow, I had the original and man they improved it, it has almost all regular facebook features.

360 - $.99 (iTunes) Basically it creates a 360 panorama extremely easily.

Human Japanese Lite - free (iTunes) It teaches you how to speak Japanese, pretty cool IMO.

Infiniti Blade - $5.99 (iTunes) Its a middle age style game where you battle your way through a castle to fight some evil ruler. Its not free roam but the fighting is turn style. Great game and amazing graphics

Ringtone Designer - $.99 (iTunes) A MUST HAVE for all iPhone users, you use songs on your iPhone to create you own ringtones, you can also record your own voice or sound


This isn’t a bad idea. How about making this a list of not just iphone, but android apps as well, but separate the lists.

My picks:

Tapatalk $2.99 (iPhone/Android/Blackberry) - Forum browsing app. Using it to write this post.



Games aside, the stuff I like most:

Firefox Home - Free - iphone - lets you use Firefox Sync to bring your desktop Firefox bookmarks, tabs and history with the iphone.

Remote - Free - iphone - use your iphone to pick and play songs playing on your desktop computer’s itunes.

Kotoba - Free - iphone - Japanese-English dictionary based on edict.


For iPad

ComicZeal - not free but well worth it if you have a lot of CBR’s

Pocket Legends - FREE - closest thing you can get to a Diablo/WOW free MMO on the iPad

Aurrora Feint 3 - FREE - Puzzle Quest/Bejeweled hybrid with RPG elements.

Words with Friends - FREE - Awesome app that lets you play online free with others.

God Finger - FREE - Basically a cute version of Black&White where you play god to a planet. Also has online so you can “visit” friends planets.

Solitare Ace - FREE - Solitare, what else can I say about it.

Theres more but im currently still stuck reading my comic books, pretty much the main thing I use this thing for.


that sounds cool I’m picking it up


I’m using the tapatalk app now and it’s pretty awesome