Cool makoto reset



this reset only works on hugo

2nd super art

go to the middle of the screen hit hugo with a hp then cancel to the super after that dash foward then hit hugo at the back with a medium punch (mp) then cancel to the super now the trick to this is that the super is a reset because the mp makes them recover in the air so they have the chance to parry but they never expect this and the cool thing is that this combo reset makes them dizzy and this can actually be a combo if they are stunned so try it


old, and works on a lot of people, not just hugo.

but it sounds like you figured it out on your own before you saw it anywhere so props for that.

you can do:

karakusa, fierce xx SA2, sj cancel late tsurugi, dash, s. strong xx SA2… however you chose to end it.


Im really curious… Are the “.” and “,” keys of ur computer stuck?:rolleyes:


No need to troll… anyway, the karakusa kills the damage on the combo, but it’s guaranteed. Arlieth’s faq at gamefaqs has some good tips on comboing into an Abare…

You can see the faq here


It’s old and outdated. There’s new setups that need to be documented.


It’s what I printed out when I first started learning Makoto. Thought it’d be a nice place to start. I think there’s some other things not in Arlieth’s faq in the other threads on this board.