Cool Memorabilia: Street Fighter II' Character Tokens from 1992 (with close-ups)

I’m not really a Street Fighter fan - I’ve barely ever touched the game - but I’ve been in possession of these cool promotional tokens since I was little, and because this old SRK thread is one of the only sources of information I’ve been able to find on these tokens, I thought this would be the place to see if anyone could tell me anything more about them - and even if not, they’re a piece of Street Fighter history that I thought a lot of you would probably appreciate seeing.

Close-ups behind the cut - lots of large images

[details=Spoiler]The reverse of each coin…

…and all the characters:


Faces look hilarious. Anyways cool set, I wonder how much you could make of it.

Guile’s hair looks like a sine function.

“Shadowlue”? That’s new. I wish they had stuck with “Shadowlaw” (as seen in the animated movie).

I’d totally carry around a Balrog coin

Shit looks awesome

Dope collector’s item.