Cool Replays? XBL PSN?

So I know that for the XBL once you get to a certain ranking you can upload a video of yourself fighting online against another person and can download replays from other people who have done just that (To spy on them, get tips, whatever)

Anyone got someone on the network that has a cool fight to check out for specific matchups/strats that are NOT on youtube?

I know that I have a cool one on my account of me lolzing… I think it was a Ragna, I forget.

I’ll edit this tommorow with my rank number, think it’s in the 1000-1050 range on the overall for all characters.

Ends with astral finish etcetera.

Anyone else? Suggest you give your ranking score so that it’s easy to find you.

Goes like this:

Additional notes:

Bring it on people.