Cool Sagat video (RaGe Lachome), lot's of gimmicks



Just saw this on Eventhubs:

Pretty cool Sagat play. What’s the deal with cross-up Tiger Knee though? How practical is it? Looks pretty situational/character dependent to me.

And there was some cool stuff with counter-hit c.HP. What does that combo into besides super? Standing LP into uppercut?


Counter hit cr.hp is straight into uppercut, it’s not that hard to do the link, it’s just tagging them with the cr.hp that can get sticky.


yeah, crossup knee setups are like quantum physics compared to cammy/akuma ambiguous cross up setups. spacing and timing are ridiculously tight.

correct me if I’m wrong, but play like that shown in the video isn’t necessary to succeed with Sagat. Most of us would be better off practicing good shot spavin & anti air reactions than these absurd combos and setups. all of those angry scar juggles after that many combo’ed hits only did like 30 damage or something (comparable to 2-3 blocked tiger shots and you save the bar). Flashy as hell though!

the one thing I need to work on is getting free juggle damage from Tiger knees landed in the corner.


i didnt even know you could combo from overheads before watching that.

all those knee setups are apparently very character specific, so not super useful in the end anyway. still really cool to see.


counter hit overheads can be linked into for example. However the meaty ones are the more reliable and can be comboed on certain characters (one shown on video and vega for example). c.hp can be linked into c.lp at certain distances and certain characters but on counter hit just go straight for TU link.

Yes, all the video shows is a flashy sagat player. Not necessarily a great sagat player. (But the c.hp OS does lead me to believe he is one so, plus u can enjoy the video more if you believe so)


Where the fuck did you see the c.hp OS?
Do you even understand what you saw?


Too much rage in them eyes making you a blind asshole



So exactly where is this c.hp OS? It’s obvious you don’t know what the your talking about

Anyone decent can clearly see that was not a c.hp~OS…but here you go again blabbing off random shit pretending you know exactly what your talking, when instead you shouldve shut the fuck up and taken notes kid


of course not, that was clearly not the trademark OS to catch backdashes. he clearly just decided to press a fierce there and it managed to work.

i really am ashamed of my lack of knowledge here let me get back to my cave



damn this kid clearly dont fucking understand a simple basic OS tech ( )

this is getting pretty fucking funny and sad, you should really watch the video again and read up how OS works, instead of pretending you know what your talking about


welp im done here.


yup. That’s exactly what happens when you start talking shit and instead of keeping your mouth shut kid.


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tbh lachome doesnt hit those cross up tiger knees this often online and these are not needed to win anyway
its just flashy gimmick for montages like this
lachome is solid with sagat,
but hound, ryan and littlegirl are on another lvl when it comes to top eu sagat players


DSS you have a 150 posts and 144 of them are calling people “Kid” or beating up on people because you think you’ve got the King sorted out, all I see from you is someone that can read frame data.

Two things, I’m 33 and was most likely playing SF when your mom was nailing your dad. Secondly you have nothing to contribute. Apart from that one time you put up a video of the exact same (but less impressive shit) and no-one commented on it because it was as old as my first car. The one where you “thought” you’d use replay’s against high level players , most likely to earn kudos from the invisible army of no-one gives a fuck.

If there’s anyone that’s a “kid” around here, it’s you. Lucky for the “circle jerk crew” (who the fuck is that anyway, there’s like one post every 2 weeks on this board) we only have to put up with your Psychotic behaviour once every 6 months. Which is probably when the hospital lets you out for a day trip.

Now go take yer meds. I fully expect to see your Ultra Gat dominating in the coming months and shall sign up to the DSS newsletter.


damn must have struck a nerve huh? i bet i bruised up your ego too

so with 2500 post on the this forum that makes you now a Sagat Grandmaster right? HAHAHAHA oh shit this bitch is holding that post count as achievement to his chest like a retard getting rewarded

your 33 years old, and bragged to be gaming for a long time with SF… with that said… who the fuck are you and what have you done?

with all that time dedicated to playing the game and all that post count of laughable knowledge, you should have plenty of achievements already and should be a superstar, but I will explain to why you have not achieve anything remotely close to even worth a mentioning… because your a the perfect example the epitome of the word " scrub "

a scrub is someone who has been playing the game for a long time, that thinks his good because he reads and post on forums, but can never improve or achieve shit, so yup thats fits you

you sure no one gives a fuck about it? cuz your sure giving it plenty of attention, and probably watch it few times, did you take notes?

a 33 year old thats been supposedly gaming since the dawn of time, i bet you first realized in winter/spring of 2010 that there is more into it than just random movements and throwing out random special moves, then signed up on here and learned few technical terms of fighting game, then automatically think your good and made your ego big because you started to think your post 2010 experience with fighting game is all of a sudden valid experience to talk about? i bet i summed that up 99% accuracy


Touche’ (you might have to look up what that means)

Funny because I don’t equate my skill level to anything ( why would you?), nor am I looking to get acceptance from random internet jerks, you seem to be pandering to an invisible crowd. Maybe your delusions of superiority only come out when your at a low point in your equally non existent SF career (what have you won? - This is actually a serious question, I’m interested). Personally I’m a mid level player who attends the occasional tournament, get a decent way in then usually bomb out, this game is a hobby to me. I only come to the Gat forums to look at match advice and give the occasional tip.

If you hadn’t noticed, NO (Bolded for effect) high level player posts on the SRK boards. So you can take every word you posted and apply it to your infamous self. We are all scubs. Only difference is that some are decent blokes that like to chat about the game where as a few like yourself are basically wasting their time for some reason I could never quite figure out. You don’t offer anything to talk about, just that you know something that the “scrubs” don’t. Well done you!

Pointing out a flaw in an argument then not offering your explanation is about as pointless as your initial post. You are the perfect example of what this game produces - Someone who thinks they are better than they are.

As for my past experiences I used to play at the arcade 99% of the time until they went under in the UK, I’d say the majority of SF players now get their kicks out of online or local play.


my achievement is not worth mentioning as my self see it as a failure, but since you insist, i have placed top 16 on NCR back in Vanilla and top 32 on Super (when i took tournament serious) both event had over 300 players, i have not entered “major” tournament since then, but i have entered few big local tournament (minimum 64 player) here in Norcal, competition in my area is stacked with many good players, i have done decent just shy getting some of the pot money, i mainly go NCR or other majors thats close by to money match out of town big names, i have beaten few big names (Krone, Andyocr, Air just to name a few) but with all that said my achievement is garbage on Street fighter related games but to some would say it as “not too bad” …my competitive gaming started back in 2001 with Tekken series (Tag1, T4, T5 and T5DR) i won my very first tournament local 64 man bracket in Tekken Tag in Chicago back in 2002, won few random T4 small tourny in Chicago then moved to Norcal and won here too, then i consistenly placed top 8 at every big/major tourny i enter for Tekken 5 series, and to some would say i had the best Murdak in the states( like it matters), tekken 5 was a really big tournament game, each major tournament had a big draw much like the SF4 series now, took few years off from competitive gaming because tekken 6 and tekken 6BR was garbage and it was too late pick up other big competitive fighting game like CVS2 and 3rd as the level was way too high for average skill to get better and compete, then SF4 vanilla release, its a basicly a fresh start for everyone so picked it as my new competitive game of choice then the rest is history, but i have always been around top level street fighter players ever since i moved to Norcal 2003, Ricky Ortiz, and Empthy (MrNaps) where big in 3rd strike and CVS2 both also played tekken 5 competitively which i session with nearly every day at the arcade,

no high level players post on SRK? again quit fucking assuming things you know nothing about, before competitive gaming started usiing social media mainstream network, SRK forum was the destination for all things related to competitive fighting game, tournament info, videos, advanced tech, etc… it was even used by many big name Japanese players,

before SF4 Vanilla, SRK forum was very different, moderators were very strict and kept bullshit out, its hard to explain it, but it used to have that old school american arcade " get better or die " attitude, where “noobish” shit dont fly and look down upon

then SF4 gets release, it brought so many new comers that it turned off many of the veteran/high level player that use this as form network,

i may come a lil strong here at times, maybe its due to the attitude of the era of fighting game i am accustomed but the kid is acting like he knows what the hell his talking about, but he completely has no idea, shit like that gets put on blast


Very good post for the most part and I can understand your frustration. I personally was always at the better end of players because I did take the game seriously early in my life. Now these games are targeted at beginners its natural they would attract this type of following. For me its too big now, and players develop lots of knowledge rapidly through online videos where as years ago you relied on your own brain or someone you played with.

Putting people on blast is fine but it’s wasted energy in an online forum. Time’s change. Also it’s not a requirement to learn every last function of your character in games like SF. I have some very high level players that I know and whilst they most certainly know these play’s and scenario’s exist, they personally rely on feel and reading as opposed to technical execution.