Cool stuff for sale! Xbox360 Microsoft Points!

Time to sell some stuff!

Up for grabs is a TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition S+ for Xbox 360! -Sold!

Tekken Tag 2 Stick for the Wii-U! $120 Shipped! sold!

Sanrio x Street Fighter Stick for Xbox 360! $130 Shipped! Sold!

Sanrio x Street Fighter Stick for PS3! $130 Shipped! sold!

4000 Microsoft points $43!

Shipped anywhere in the 48 States in the U.S.! Sorry no international Sales :frowning:

payment pending! will update if buyer backs out.

No response from the buyer so its back on the market.

Price drop to $130!

TTT2 Xbox 360 and Ps3 sticks sold to Bad boy brazil and W00p Fresh!

Stay tuned for more goodies coming up super soon!

Updated with new goodies!

4000 microsoft points available for $43 hit me up!

Is the Sanrio x Street Fighter PS3 Stick New or Used? If it is Used how used (Is there even a system for telling how used an item is)?

Not used at all. Brand new.

Price drops on the sanrio sticks!

Got the TTT2 stick yesterday. Thank you. :slight_smile:

Claimed the Sanrio 360 stick. :wink:

Sanrio 360 stick sold!

pm sent!

Price drop on the Wii-U stick!

PM has been sent

Sale on Ps3 sanrio pending.

Price drop on TTT2 stick.

sanrio ps3 sold! price drop on TTT2 wii u stick!

Is the wii u stick used or new? Iā€™m interested.