Cool Zero Tech



I messed with zero in the lab today and found out that if you cancel ryuenjin with a Lv.3 blaster, you could air-dash 2 TIMES!

I don’t know if this tech might be useful or not…



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Just tried it out. Cool, but not worth wasting the buster for.

Could be maybe used to trick the opponent, but I much rather have my buster charged if I need it.


every tech has a purpose. good find


Thanks. =)


Can you post a vid so I can see hos this works?

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I can see myself using this. Situational but interesting.


This might actually be good depending what assist you have. Great find. Since you didn’t superjump and for instance if you use the H version of the uppercut special and if you air dash twice and call an assist such as cold star or shopping cart or tatsu for instance and come down w/ down H or S or something you can set up some ambiguous setups or instead of doing that if you use your light teleport in the air while they are in blockstun from the assist and then go low short set up a fast high low mixup.


This pleases me.


Sorry guys!!! I can’t make videos because I don’t have a cam or anything. =(


it’s cool just tested it out in training mode and i see how it works. It’s very interesting and could be used in certain situations or maybe to setup certain offenses.


hmmm I wonder why this works. Might have to look out for this when i fight a Zero.


Just tried it myself - very interesting.


Well, aside from that air dash tech ( I haven’t tried this yet so I have no examples of what it could be used for. ), you can very often catch people trying to punish a Ryuenjin, then they get blasted in the face into ToD by Buster.


hmm i might actually have found something useful for this. How about during a blockstring ending your blockstring w/ ryuenjin and then air dash call assist and back dash so if you have something like ammy or some other assist w/ alot of hitstun you can confuse them and they may block the wrong way. Might be useful w/ log trap or other unique assists as well.
I just need to test this out in actual matches to see the percentage this actually works to see how viable that would be.


Yeah this is an amazing find… IM DEF going to do it On EVO stream if I get up there LOL. Itrs amazing with Vergil assist.


Holy fuck… DO H ryuejin, H command dash and your still get 2 dashes plus assist… ANTI morrigan?

this is amazing tech. Im trying shit out.


dont see how its anti morrigan. you’ll just get bopped while youre dashing


it’s not anti-morrigan but it’s nice that you can still call your assists from super jump height. Depending on assists it’s probably really good if doing this from full screen away to confuse your opponent for mind games since they probably won’t know what your doing lol.

Can zero do his dive kick move after the 2 dashes? If so that would be kinda overdose lol because that would mean that he would have 5 special actions in the air lol


You can do 2 more special moves technically because You go 623 H XX buster M whiff ( helps with timing ) XX 214 H Max Height DASH M wiff XX 214 M then Dash again Into dive. I dont think you guys understand how good of a tool this is. This basically is a tech to help cover the screen. Basically if You can Get a ryuejin Off Buster Cancel then do this against morrigan you can follow her because only Missles/Vajra can hit you at this height, unless you cover Zero with Hidden Missiles. This is AMAZING run away tech also.