Coolasiandude's list of ridiculously cute amateur asian girls


I have been sharing my list of CTGOTD (Cute Taiwanese girl of the Day) to Sensei here on the forums, but i decided to share you guys my list i have collected. I travel to Asia from time to time, and these broads are amazing.
Some have done photoshoots but no way are they professional. Thread will be updated as I upload.

Keep it there. We’re trying to keep the Yellow Fever contained in quarantine.

however, the girls in that page are models, this is an amateur one.

It includes all asian girls. Not just model.
The problem is if too many threads like these are made than they’re all bound to get shut down and banned.

kudos to valaris for keeping yellow fever under control

I’ve been fighting zombies all my life but I gotta admit, Yellow fever is worse than any undead I’ve faced. That shit spreads faster than my ex’s legs.



Not cool valaris :shake::mad::sad:

this thread needs moar cowbell…

Have I told you lately that I love you?

You should actually thank me. You know if more and more threads like this start appearing, they’re all gonna end up being closed. So now at least by containing them all in the same 3 threads, you’re ensuring it’s survival.

:rofl: hehe bashing her always seems to cheer you up.

Fuckin SIGGED!