Coolest initials


I was just sitting here chillin’ and thinking about random stuff when this topic came to mind.

  • I have a cousin whose initials before she got married was SRK. And her brother’s is TDK like the Japanese electronics company.
  • One of my sister’s is MLK.

If I can think of some more I will.



Those are mine. No relevance. They’re just boss.


Mine are FAP. no joke. :-/



i dont think theyre dope but, I always see plates with my intials


I have a friend who’s initials are JEW.


AEM is a company that makes aftermarket car parts.

My mom’s initials are VCR.


Any girl whose initials are BJ…What?


ASS duh



Mine are KAH…Kyle At Home I guess :stuck_out_tongue:


My little brother’s initials are MAN. I hooked him up with his name like a boss.


mine are OG
if you include my middle named its OMG


My brother’s initials are DANG.


Mine is JAM


Will Gotti sighting!

my initals are BJ :sad:

i don’t have a middle name :cool:


AAN…um yeah nothing exciting.


My initials are sag :bluu:


My initials are my name.


girlfriends initials are G.S.P


My girlfriend’s initials are SRK. I am waiting for the right moment to buy her a gift that have her initials on it, mainly so I can laugh.



When you search for “SRK” this guy pops up the most. I think he owns the initials more than this site does.

Shahrukh Khan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Technically he is the biggest movie star in the world, and apparently one of the world’s 50 most powerful people. I bet he has some serious swag, which is multiplied tenfold considering it is Bollywood swag (the most powerful type of swag in the world).