Coolest Throw?

I’d say Bisons kick thingy and Geeses hand-flippy thingy throw.

claw vega’s kick throw, eagle’s fp throw, and kyo’s kick throw (reminds me of the days i used to watch wrestling).

Try the team I use when I get bored
Joe, Maki, Sagat

Just try to land as many kick throws as you can every round!

Ryu (or the other two shoto)'s P throw - the classic. :smiley:

Guile - Suplex
Nakaruru - She jumps on you and stabs you in the chest…

other cool throws were mentioned

Geese(everything he does is cool) Punch throw…looks stylish especially since he doesn’t even look at his opponent.

Sagat’s Kick throw…picks you up by you head like you are on display, smiles/smurks, then proceeds to knee you in the stomach…

Yamaki’s kick throw where he face plants you into ground

Bison’s kick throw

Rolento’s kick throw…fire!

Morrigans kick throw

Does geese’s P Throw have invincibility? Cuz I remember playing this guy using Balrog. And he did the move where he just lunges towards you. (The kick super) And As he was coming towards me (He did it after he knocked me down) He just lunged then all I see is him flying over me. I WAS LIKE WTF!? So tell me does it have invincibility?

I dont think any regular thors do, do they? Maybe you got lucky and his move was a short that ended right before you.

Eh, I like Eagle’s lay-you-gently-on-the-ground-then-shove-my-escrima-sticks-into-your-gut throw.

Hell yeah, my vote goes to Eagle’s punch throw too! That throw is just too badass!

Other throws I like>>>
Rolento’s kick throw FIRE!
Yuri’s kick throw, I like her posing styles.

and of course… FINAL ATOMIC BUSTER!!