Coop Cup 2018 Post Discussion and a bright future!


So let’s discuss Coop Cup Main Event.

I watched all of it (Europe timezone). Best tournament in recent memory, amazing English commentary (shoutouts to hold dat, ryan, pherai?, arlieth and rkf).

Every coop cup I get annoyed at “oh look a Chun/Yun match”. That did happen obviously but the character diversity on show was incredible, I actually once said to myself “hey can I see some Ken?”.

Lucifer/Pierrot Remy… that was amazing. It wasn’t just his performance but the build up to it that made it special. Before it we got to witness the ultimate Q play from Kuroda, things seemed to wind down as we see Lucifer play the “5 monsters” and we think a stomp is going to happen… I call that the “15 minutes of bliss”.

Not only that, I feel like this coop cup was a “passing of the torch” for the newer generation (shirokuro Chun etc). If the future of third strike is Remy, Oro, Alex, Urien even some Ibuki mixed in with Chun Yun Yang and Ken… sign me up for another 10 years!

I beg the English commentators, please return for next year!


But srk is killing this forum after so many years of service. Not much activity at all in the last couple years, sure… but we need to gather in a new place


This place is closing soon. Really sad :frowning:


You got it!

It means so much to me to be able to be part of the English commentary group for Coop. Thank you so much for your kind words <3