Coopa/Drom's MvC3 Release Party!


Time Tuesday, February 15 · 4:00pm - 10:00pm

231 G Street, Suite #4
Davis, CA

More Info Stream will be up shortly after 4pm: iplaywinner on

What: PS3 Marvel vs Capcom 3 Release Party… and maybe a 1$ tournament! Please bring your own controller and setup if you want to contribute. Drom’s will be selling copies of Marvel vs Capcom 3, collectors and regulars, so be sure to support Drom’s by getting a copy there!

When: Saturday, Feb 15th, starting at 4pm and ending at 10pm. Session can continue at my place later - Coopa

Where: Drom’s Comics & Cards
231 G Street Suite 4
Davis, CA 95616
ph: 530 758 2280

$2 Venue fee is waived if you buy your copy here.

We’ll have a few copies on hand for sale, but I’m not Gamestop so I can’t afford to carry 50 copies!


We got some 707 interest. Where’s 916?


I miss droms haha I will try and make it out with a full car of marvel fiends.


Shit is about to be hype!!!

Droms! FTW!


Hey, dog. I money match you first to 5 in marvel 3. Let’s do this.
Also, POST HERE if you are bringing a setup.

We already have two ps3 setups guaranteed: mine/stream and Drom’s setup.


never been to droms, and i need that mvc3 crack


I’m bringing an extra setup from home, so we’ve got Droms’ two + Coopa’s.

Also, the more pre-paid pre-orders, the easier time I will have with everything. Message me if interested in pre-ordering to have your copy waiting for you at Drom’s!


People are rolling in now and Coopa is setting up the Stream!

Stop on by!


GGs all! good job on the streaming.

any one find an itouch with an art sticker on the back? MAY have lost it there.


If I find it, I’ll post here. Thanks for coming!