Cooperation Cup 3 Results

11/2 beat-tribe arcade

  1. dirty music(oro)/aruka(ibu)/fureji(yang)/178(dud)/sooma(ken)
  2. excuse me but i can’t read kanji for shit mokomokofu(ken)/moto(gouki)/disc(yun)/kanji cant read(urien, heard he ocved the whole beat tribe team)/kanji cant read(chun)
    3a. bisutachio(twe)/RX(urien)/kanji cant read(chun)/kanji cant read(hugo)/ruu(ryu)
    lost to 2nd place team
    3b. TK(Q)/YSB(hugo)/sawaguchi(yun)/sugiyama(necro)/happy(alex)
    lost to 1st place team
    5a. kanji cant read(ken)/naga(ken)/meta(ken)/kokujin(dud)/ino(chun)
    lost to 1st place team
    5b. KO(yun)/nuki(chun)/pierre(urien)/match(gouki)/bosu(yang)
    lost to 3b
    5c. kanji something sani(ryu)/nitto(yun)/kanji cant read(remy)/OJI(yun)/kuroda(Q)
    lost to 3a
    5d. hitotsume(ken)/sekido(yang)/erotic teacher(dud)/onanism(urien)/spellmaster J(ken)
    lost to 2nd place team

those are the results of the final 8 teams, no way i am posting all 47

sick teams that were in the tournament:

  • KFG(ken)/raoh(chun)/daigo(ken) 3 man team!!! they had kanimashin(alex) and joe(ken) but they did not show up
  • goemon(ken)/OK(ryu)/kanji cant read(dud)/fujiwara(dud)/georgia(ryu) thats a sick team right there but they had to play KO’s team, i would really like to see that in the dvd

team 5b is fucking crazy! how did that team not make 1st :lol:

I’ll read that kanji if someone can direct me to the results page.


He had to have owned.

Hey chicken, is his dudley as good as mine?

If he’s the erotic teacher, you must be the erotic principal.


i wonder if thats ryo chin’s remy or exe’s remy in 5c.

i WANT that footage

hmm, interesting results, though I am surprised that KO’s team did not win.

Meta played Ken? Ino played Chun Li? TK’s team got 3rd? 178 needs to stop beasting?!?!

Will there be a DVD release of Cooperation Cup 3?

yes, CC3 dvd will certainly be made available to anyone.

Thanks Kuni.
They do shippings to the North America?

Kuni check your PM’s.

11/2, with the kanji that neither Yi nor I can read (or which I am confused on). Sk! said he’d help? :confused:

  1. Pierre,“DirtyMusic-san is really strong.” - DirtyMusic (OR) / Aruka(IB) / Bureji (YA) / 178 (DU) / Sooma (KE)

  2. EA?` (?) - Mokomokofu(KE) / Moto (GO) / Disc (YU)/ !? (UR) / (CH)

3a) Ya Blues - Pistachio (12) / RX (UR) / gt (CH) / Inochi (HU) / Ruu (RY)

3b) aliYjVhEE_c - TK (Q) / YSB (HU) / Sawaguchi (YU) / Kugiyama(NE) / Happy (AL)

5a) BaiZURIX - (Hei-something, I know it as “I” but I’m not sure) (KE) / Naga (KE) / Meta (KE) / Kokujin (DU) / INO (CH)

5b) ?!!?c - Boss (YA) / Nuki (CH) / K.O (YU) / Match (GO) / Pierre (UR)

5c) ?? - kami Sano (RY) / Nitto (YU) / ?lRemyv (RE) / OJI(YU) / Kuroda (Q)

5d)cBeat-Tribe - Hitotsume (KE) / Sekido (YA) / Erotic Teacher(DU) / Onanism (UR) / Spellmaster J (KE)

And honorable mention, only because I love their team name :lol:

Re: Re: Cooperation Cup 3 Results

“Connection-ism team”

“Urawa Blues”

“BM (Jirou)~Shinjuku/Ageo/Kanda” [These are all place names, though I’m not sure about Jirou]

“Baizuri Specialist shop - Hirai [Place name]”

“All or nothing!! Wakamatsu team”

“Descendants of Pigs - Pig god Sano” “I, pig, Remy husband” [?!]



Sk! is a boon to us lowly non-Nihongo fluent folks :slight_smile:


Ya i was just gonna say, and team 5d is fucking sick… i am surprised they didnt win… which shows the depth of players in Japan… holy smokes…

Erotic Teacher is a wicked name… and a amazing Dud too

I notice that the winning team had an Oro player. How does oro win when there is no more unblockable?

When I was in Japan last year (and I doubt anything’s changed) the unblockable-fixed machines were not used at all. I would bet Beat Tribe’s tourney was on the original 3s boards. Oro still has game without unblockable though, just check out any vid of HungB in action.


Thats a pimp name… I need something like that :lol: