Cooperation Cup 4 Japan 3s 1/9/2005

Cooperation Cup 4 3rd Strike 5 on 5 Team Tournament
Held at Game Newton in Itabashi Tokyo 1/9/2005

39 teams, 195 players

1st: Meirei Saseru
Deshi KFG - Ken
Hayao - Hugo
Boss - Yang
Raoh - Chun Li
Daigo Umehara - Ken

2nd: Machida Beat Tribe
Hitotsume - Ken
AFM - Chun Li
Erotic Teacher - Dudley
Onanizumu - Urien
Spell Master J - Ken

First place team beasted on everyone. I think Hayao’s Hugo OCV’d an entire team. They never went passed their 3rd player Boss the entire tournament. Daigo never played. Deshi pretty much killed everyone. And what he couldn’t handle Hayao and Boss took care of.

In the top twelve, there was this one team Urawa Blues that had this Q player Kuroda. He had the greatest matches of the entire tournament. He was incredible to watch. He plays extremely smart. He OCV’d an entire team by literally doing nothing. His style is hillarious. He starts every round by dashing back into the corner, and then he just sits there holding down back. He doesn’t move at all. He doesn’t like stand up, or walk back and forth or anything, he just sits there, and does nothing. He just waits, and waits, and waits… and then finds his openings and you lose all your life. It was great. Everyone should buy the DVD just to watch this guy play Q. He makes Justin Wong’s Chun Li look like a rush down character. He just sat there, so patient. It was great.

Lots of really good matches. Tons of low tier characters. There were just as many Q’s, Oro’s, and Hugo’s as there were Chun Li’s. Although there were 26 Kens! Every character was played except for Sean. There were like 3 Remy’s in the final top 12 bracket. Lots of crazy Akuma madness. Fun tournament.

lol, too good :clap:

what team were you on and how’d your team do mopreme?

awesome! Sounds like a load of great matches :slight_smile:
Any idea where the dvd can be bought from?

wouldn’t it be great if they released a Coop3&4 DVD set? in our dreams right?

mopreme while your there can you find out what they plan on doing with the footage from those 2 Co-ops and report back?

Ken is too strong :confused:

Can’t really wait to see footage. Anyone has info on release dates?
It seems that Boss never lost this time, that’s great :smiley:
It was like the time, he’s considered by many the best overal 3s player but he lost in almost all the footage I saw (bare some early coop 1 matches)

I’m waiting for detailed results
It’s a bit surprising to see no Makoto nor Yun in the top 2

lmao thats nuts daigo didn’t even play

ive seen a few matches of kuroda on carol…all he does is sit there and throw ppl out of every damn move. so funny :smiley:

No wonder Daigo dosent show up to half the tournaments he signs up for. :lol:

Mark, how did your team do? And send me details ont he DVD. thx

Kuroda’s Q is fucking awesome, it just shows u can win with low tier in 3s.

In one of the matches I saw, he red-parried the 4th hit of a Ryu’s Shinkuu super and super thru the 5th one… fucking disgusting.

wowow some Hugo/Q action

Man he got a tiny weensy bit of hype from Death by Aegis’ thread about a-cho, where it was mentioned Kuroda had beaten KO 2-0 in a previous tourney. Someone posted a link to vids that made everyone who watched go WTF. And now we have stuff from Coop Cup! awesome.

Are the vids still up? And if so, where is this thread so I can see for myself?

Anyone get any vids of this Q player? Does not have to be from this tourny but just of him playing in gernal in any other compo or vids? If so PM me I’d like to see.


That’s so funny, tha Hayao must be a monster. I wanna see his Hugo now.


P.S. I wish everyone on that top 2 teams (besides the ones that already went here) would go to Evo really. Just to see how US’s best 3S players will fair againts em.

To my knowsledge there aren’t any vids on it yet :frowning:
Use the search function.

That was me! :tup: check out that page again there are more vids up. Same page True Tech just posted :karate:

Kuroda is disgustingly good

Please let us know when we can get this DVD, i’ve seen footage of previous cooperation cups and it’s pretty dope. I’m starting to get into 3s a bit and sounds like a nice DVD to have.