Cop arrested for hitting girlfriend who threw a Justin Bieber doll at him

I…I don’t even know what to say to this.

This low0life gets to keep wearing the uniform?

Pretty low standards Denver PD.

I’m fairly certain that if I took a picture of someones genitals at work and my boss found out, I would be fired.

While I’m not pro domestic violence people need to stop acting like a woman who physically assaults someone first is a victim. Nobody should be hitting anybody, period. Unless it’s a boxing match.

Biebs IS violence.

Love how they point out it was a Justin Bieber doll.

bitch bit his finger?

shes lucky im not the bf, i woulda put a bullet in her brain. 42 and owning bieber dolls?

Headline should be “Cop arrested for hitting girlfriend who wouldn’t change her FB status” because there is no such thing as a Justin Bieber doll ~_^. Always nice to see Facebook making peoples lives miserable.

That whole thing is messed up. They deserve each other. Put them in a cell together and pop popcorn.

Looks like a bad cop but it’s too common for women to start arguments and never take responsibility for them and play the victim. It’s a game to them to see how much they can get away with.

Seriously? He got a bruise from a barbie doll?
I get pelted with dolls on a daily basis and they don’t phase me in the slightest.
They don’t call me “The rhino of the playground” for no reason.

I am so seriously ambivalent about whether to “like” this post or not…

Liar…little girls don’t bring their dolls to the playground.

Chris Hansen: Why don’t both of you have a seat over here…

I’m glad the cop got charged but WTF, this guy gets put behind bars ASAP but when shit like this happens it takes a year for him to be sentenced?


I can’t tell what happened in that video. Though I have seen enough bad cops. I was on the train here in NYC and some cop came up to some kid and started talking and asking some questions. I couldn’t hear things exactly, but it sounded like the kid was trying to be a wise guy. Next thing I see is the cop just turns his head back then comes around and punches and knocks the kid out to the floor. Then stomps on him. The cop was black and the kid was white, so save your “the kid was black” jokes for later.

That incident scared me so much I didn’t even change train cars, I completely got off the train and waited for the next one. Now before I get on a train, I check to make sure there are no cops in the train car I am getting on in, because I don’t want to be a random victim of some random cop who had a bad day or is just a criminal in uniform to begin with.

^Glad someone mentioned that. The hell up with that shit? I’m telling ya man, people is crazy these days.


The bitch threw a Justin Bieber doll at him…

I would beat her fucking ass too, while telling her to grow the fuck up.

A dirty cop versus a woman who hides behind the domestic violence double standard?

Half the members of SRK are now experiencing the human equivalent of the Blue Screen Of Death.

Or contemplating making a Battle Poll that will effectively self-DDoS SRK.

The people who automatically assume the woman is innocent have probably never had a girlfriend as a roommate.

I’m sure many are conflicted. Personally, I find a dirty cop a lot more dangerous in long run so…