Cop fired for standing up against quotas. How dare he do his job the right way!

so we have all heard of quotas for cops before. i think it first came to my consciousness around 2001 listening to a talk radio show in baltimore, and mind was pretty blown. like oh now it makes more sense. i know it varies from county to county, city to city, but this story is so stupid, and its like what kind of cops are you trying to create. like the ex cop said in the video, pretty much the cops who dont wanna do it are eventually pushed out, or quit from frustration, leaving behind basically bullies with a badge, and those who just suck it up and do it to keep their job and pay their bills, with the former being the obvious huge problem, and the latter the inevitable or eventual problem.

its so sickening how our governments local and federal and “big business” view us as citizens. hence why i always take time to spread the word when i can via forums or just bar talk about shit like this, because we need to become more outrage so stuff like this can stop, and we dont just sit by while a new breed of yes men dickhead cops are making headway because they have no problem busting people for bullshit, and or antagonizing people for a reaction so they can get more then what they came for out of them.

that new chief should be ashamed of himself, and put on a boat and left to drift aimlessly to another country. fuck him and anyone like him. i dont normally big up cops, but props to this guy being like i didnt sign up for this bullshit, and he wanted to basically be a cop all his life. i hope the people of auburn alabama speak up and picket against this chief and his quotas. like he said in the interview, how do you expect me to get like 2000 tickets a year in a small town of 50,000 people in fucking alabama. lol.

@eldergod So now are you going to tell us another story about how cops raped your entire family and stole your oatmeal raisin cookies!

@angelpalm I know you’re waiting for him to post :lol:

I really hope this guy finds a decent lawyer.

Coming to a town near you, if not, already there!

Already exists in Brooklyn so whatever. Assholes just walk around tagging people for public drinking. I was able to dodge a couple of cops who saw me drinking a tallboy in east village by running across the street in heavy traffic.


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I thought you were from Staten Island but then I remembered that the trash got moved to LI.

NYPD can run?

I heard Federal Government gave extra funding to counties to focus more on speeders after 4th of July weekend. Had gotten pulled over twice within that weekend but got let go with warnings because I was going with the flow of the traffic. Instead of focusing on more challenging tasks that actually helps everyone in the long run, they want to make their work easier by focusing on redundant traffic citations and troll bait people into their “fund raisers.” Their slogan “Speeding is involved in 1 out of 5 traffic deaths” So 20% of deaths is related to speeding, but what about the other 80%?

haha, they dont care about the other 80 percent, and i wanna how many of that 20 percent were under the influence, stole a car, had suspended license and shouldnt have been driving, etc… i bet a solid 1-5 percent are actually just normal shit heads going 80 in a 65 and killed someone.

Anyways, that’s how the corporate world works. You open your mouth and you get fired.

2000 tickets in a year is like 5+tickets a day average…lol.

I can’t stand quotas and “metrics” in general. Just an excuse to push out good people and bring in yes men willing to work for less.

The Wire kind of made me sympathize with cops for the kind of pressure they’re under to deliver “results” by politicians who care more about their own tough-on-crime image than actually nurturing good police work. Quotas are just a quick and easy way of pointing to numbers on a chalkboard and saying “See? Look at all the crime we stopped!”

In Florida you always see them hunkering down in the every nook and cranny once the hits the final week of the month, just waiting for someone to go 1-2 miles over the speed limit. You can feel their desperation to make quota at that point.

This is one of those odd catch 22s wherein cops need to do this to pay for the services they provide. Without money from tickets a lot of cops would get fired which no politician can afford to have happen. I actually wonder how much of an effect more police REALLY have on the street.

The first and last weeks of the.month is when Cops are out in full force to meet quotas.

I don’t mind cops. They deal with assholes that I don’t/don’t want to, so whatever.

Watch out for cops with small builds as they will have an easier time explaining why they needed to shoot, than a cop who is in shape.

That’s all for now.

Cops can beat the shit out of minorities and get put on paid administrative leave. In LA when they were hunting Dorner, they shot up multiple trucks that WERENT EVEN THE SAME MAKE/MODEL/COLOR AS DORNERS, driven by innocent people, and none got punished. In any other job such incompetence would’ve resulted in instant job termination. BUT STAND UP AGAINST QUOTAS, OH FUCK THAT, GOTTA FIRE THEM NOW!

In Capitola California, right near Santa Cruz California, the Police purchased and use Dirt Motorcycles to specifically pull people over. Yes they hide on hills, in between Eucalyptus and Redwoods, where you can’t see them, and then pull you over if they clock you at 26 in a 25 zone.

They have signs all over Capitola reading, “Traffic Laws Strictly Enforced.” The sign is cool, but the way they do it is not.

If they have cameras at intersections, and they need to make money, it makes sense they’d purposely make yellow lights shorter and green lights incorrectly timed for traffic demand (to make people impatient). In fact I’ve been driving in that town, driving over the crosswalk on a green, and entering the end of the intersection during a red light… not driving slow, just making a left turn in a busy intersection.

Also think about the fines. They are fixed amounts. In a rich person wants to drive fast and they have to pay a few hundred dollars, that might be nothing for them. Where as a poor person, that might be months worth of food.

yeah its crazy we havent heard of any lawsuits from that shit yet. bunch of angry gung ho terds, trigger happy, and not focusing on doing their job, but finding dorner first and putting a bullet in his head to make a point. like the cop in the video said, as all the cops who want to do good are pushed out or quit, we will basically be left with all the shit heads as cops. all those dudes you wouldnt like in real life, who are loud bros at the bar who probably have herpes, yeah those guys are the future of law enforcement. that and people who are the bottoms of life, yes men who will yessaboss to any command.

Of course he was fired. The new Gestapo will NOT tolerate the dissidents!!


Yeah, this cop sounded like he had an IQ higher than 90 which is the kind of cop police departments DON’T want.