Cop pulls gun on kid for building tree house


There is also news footage on the site. This is pretty close to home and I am a very concerned.


Did the children have the proper permits?



More than likely not, but does that justify the officer on pulling a gun out and putting those children on the ground and screaming at them?


They were breaking the law, so yes.


Why were the police called in the first place?
Dumb bitch wasting resources on calling the police because little timmy and friends are just chopping down a tree.


Lemme guess: white cop. It would either be that or black cop vs white kids. That’s the only way something like this would happen.


Police are in the process of being militarized. This will occur more often now.
Come at me, NSA. :tup:


Ridiculous. I’m white and I have scumbag white cops give me shit and push me around far too frequently. It’s not the color that corrupts its the power.


“Hurting the environment”.

“Tripping Hazards”.

I’ve literally spent the last 10 minutes at a complete loss of what to type. She really…



This is true, my dad’s a cop and there is a marked difference between the way cops have treated me and the way they have treated my friends when I’m in the passenger seat. They don’t try to cross each other. Only ticket I’ve ever gotten was when my dad pulled me over.


Bring em on. I’ve seen the sad sacks of policemen. They look like they couldn’t run 50 feet from their patrol cars.


why run when you have a gun?


That only works if you shoot a black man. for proof.

That means White people will once again be the victors of Civil War 2: Even more Civil warier


Hold on, why did the neighbor even call the cops?

Edit: The family is black, ooooooooo. That definitely warrants pulling a gun. /sarcasm


Kids probably spent their spring break playing Call of Duty, drinking Kool Aid and screaming at the TV.
Mom got sick of it, kicked them out of the house for a while.
Since children are inherently evil, they went to destroy a tree and maybe build a meth lab.
Cop comes in, politely asks them to stop, they start having Call of Duty induced flashbacks, immediately start drop shotting him while screaming racial and homophobic slurs.

Happens all the time.


and I’m sure american out west had their fucking permits back in the day.

This isn’t a building that also on the property line of another individual, nor are they digging. It’s a fucking tree house. And you bitch about the govt taking your money. this is precicely why they take your money.


You can’t trust these Haitian kids these days. Fucking internet, man. I don’t even want to know what “tree house” is street slang for. Good on that cop for not opening fire.


Well it says they were ‘chopping down branches’, which means they either had a big ass kukri or a chainsaw. First thing I’d do if a gang of chainsaw-wielding Haitians surrounded me would be to show them that I’ve got a stronger weapon and that they shouldn’t fuck with me.

Known in Australia as “You call that a knife? THIS… is a knife.”


Kids can’t do shit in their own yards anymore without some grumpy old neighborhood bitch calling the cops on them. Reminds me of the time I came home from vacation and woke up to cops being at my door the very next morning because my younger brother was outside burning a small bag of trash our mother had left for him to take care of as a chore. Our neighbor had called 911 reporting neighborhood vandalism and I was the one they were threatening to arrest because I was the only adult home.

No. I’m not black.